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Chapter One Books - Victoria, MN


Chapter One Books, Victoria, MN

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Regular followers of this blog know that I'm partial to teachers, especially talented teachers.  So to meet a talented teacher who is also a bookstore owner is just, well, nirvana.  And on the afternoon of my visit, owner Angie was combining both talents.  Leading a story time with elementary-aged students and selling books as a bookstore owner.  The good ones know how to multi-task.  What a gift for her and what a gift she and Chapter One Books are for Victoria, MN

For Victoria, a town of approximately 10,000, this is a big deal.  Finally, thanks to Angie they have an independent bookstore, the only one within a wide area.  As Angie said, this community is booming with new businesses and new housing developments.  It would seem to me that Chapter One has launched at the perfect time to take advantage of the inevitable population and economic growth.  As she said, MANY of the locals were thrilled when Chapter One opened its doors.  The business actually began a year ago as an online only store.  Things went so well they opened a brick and mortar last March and the results are what you see in the pictures below.  A bright, clean, neat, and well-organized (just like a good teacher) space located on a lower level building of retail businesses in downtown Victoria.  Already, the store has a devoted core of regulars and I'm not surprised.  In addition to the story time I saw, there is also kids' book club.  The adults started asking for their own book club and the first time they met there were 20+ members.

Chapter One offers all new books along with a few used.  Angie may expand the used books offered in the future.  There are a few sidelines including locally created greeting cards and stickers, bookstore candles, tote bags, and quirky wine glasses to name a few.

If you're a family in the Victoria area with young kids, this is must see.  Angie is great with kids and her talent shines in the children's section of the store.  This store and its owner have a bright future so Victoria, now it's up to you.  Shop local, buy local and take pride in your very own independent bookstore.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Lightning Strike, William Kent Krueger.  This is a new release by one of my favorite authors.  This is the prequel to his many books that feature Sheriff Cork O'Connor in the town of Aurora, MN.  In this book, Cork is a child and his dad, Liam, is sheriff.  There is tension between the Ojibwe community and white community because of the apparent suicide of Big John Manydeeds, a member of the Ojibwe tribe.  Then the disappearance of a young Ojibwe girl increases the tension and the pressure is on for Liam to solve the cases.  Can the two communities set aside their differences and work together?  Recommended. 

CURRENTLY READING:  Eventide, Kent Haruf. 

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Pony, R. J. Palacio. 

I'm going in, just try to stop me. 

When you enter the building you'll see this sign.  Go directly downstairs and turn left. 

View into the bookstore and looking to the right from the entrance. 

Looking straight ahead from the entrance. 

Looking to the left after entering.  Angie was hosting a story time on the day of my visit. 

Relevant display. 

Seasonal display for kids near the front of the store.  Angie does a great job of curating the store for kids. 

Birthday parties at a bookstore?  Hey Victoria parents, make this happen for your kids. 

Some good stuff on the discount table. 

Beautiful wall display of books. 

I can confirm that this is a wonderful place to sit.  While I was waiting to meet Angie, I was quite comfortable seated here sampling a few books. 

Lots of books to browse. 

You can always find a deal in the used books. 

Overview of the store, side to side.  Some bookstores I visit are in a long and narrow space.  This is just the opposite, not long but very wide. 

Banned book displays were front and center in many bookstores during Banned Books Week. 

A table of games and activities waiting for young customers. 

You might as well get one to hold all the books you'll buy. 

Victoria area parents should definitely consider this service. 

Partial view of the children's area. 

 Angie is going to do a great job reaching out to kids. 

ALWAYS ask your independent bookstore about gift cards.  This is a good way to fight the supply chain issue. 

Locally created stickers perfectly located at the check-out counter. 

Popular bookstore-themed candles. 

A great gift idea. 

With Angie, the fine owner at Chapter One Books.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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