Monday, October 4, 2021

Inklings Bookstore - Bedford, IN


Inklings Bookstore, Bedford, IN

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To all my teacher friends who follow this blog, boy have I got news for you.  Now, in addition to your full-time teaching job, you can also own a bookstore!  I didn't meet owners Brian and Lacy on the day of my visit because they were busy at school teaching (duh!).  They are the owners of Inklings Books in Bedford, IN.  And good heavens if they can do it, I know my many teacher friends can.  But if you decide to do this there are two things you need to pull it off.  First, you need to own the building your bookstore will be in.  And secondly, you need a terrific store manager, like Walter who runs the show here while Brian and Lacy are teaching.  And if you can own the building on a very busy street one block from the town square, that would help too.  

For Brian and Lacy, this is their passion project.  Inklings Books has been here for 9+ years meaning it has survived multiple challenges including the most recent pandemic crisis.  The store offers all used books in a two-level space.  When you enter the store do not call it quits after a token browse.  Go to the basement where there are way more books and a comfortable browsing space.  A wild guess from Walter puts the inventory at 27,000 books.  The books are not on an inventory but like any good bookseller, if its in the store Walter can find it.  Customers who bring books in can receive credit or trade but many simply donate their books to the store, a huge benefit for any store's business margin.  In addition to the books, the store offers a small cafe service which has been helpful when the book sales are down.  They're also trying to make this a space for students to hang out as an option to the library.  A quiet space to chat, play board games, study, or read.

Walter thinks this is the only indie in the county and he's probably right.  In a town of 14,000 it can use all the patronage it can get so Bedfordians, hear this call to arms!  Check out this bookstore and discover on its shelves a wide variety of books and multiple subjects that will offer something of interest to everyone.  And if you can't find one for yourself, find one for a friend.  Shop local, buy local, and support your small businesses.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  Shaking The Gates Of Hell, John Archibald. 

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Wolf Whistle, Lewis Nordan.  Silver Borne, Patricia Briggs. 

Sidewalk view. 

Beautiful store logo in the front window. 

Looking into the store from the front entrance.  Walter is ready to get you a coffee or help you find a book. 

Looking to the right from the front entrance. 

Immediately to the left and in the front window, a wonderful space to meet with friends. 

Lots of games to play.  Anyone remember Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots?!

Interesting history of the stores' name. 

I tried out one of these chairs during my visit.  I can confirm their comfortableness. 

Still looking for Harry Potter books?  Check here. 

Partial view behind the cafe counter. 

Find something on the menu, find a book, and find a seat. 

Yes, I can find something here to go with my book. 

Shakespeare, Butler, and Bacon to name a few. 

Partial offerings of fiction.  The books you see on this main level are the tip of the iceberg compared to the lower level. 

Follow this wall of books to the back room. 

Great pricing. 

Partial view of the children's area. 

Partial overview of the back room. 

Show your Bedford and Heltonville spirit. 

View looking into the lower level. 

After coming down the stairs, go immediately right, curl around and then walk toward the back of the lower level. 

A great seating area to sample some books. 

One long wall of books. 

The lower level has lots of super places to gather with friends. 

With Walter on the left, the fine store manager at Inklings Bookstore.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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