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Kismet Books - Verona, WI

Kismet Books, Verona, WI

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I'm always fascinated by the bookstores I've visited that had previous lives.  For example, Kismet Books is in the oldest house in Verona, built around 1848.  Originally, this was a private residence and then reincarnated at various times as a post office, a car dealer, apartments, a florist shop, and now a beautifully refashioned independent bookstore that maintains the integrity of the structure's history.  Getting to see these buildings and learn their history is every bit as fun as touring the bookstores themselves.  Verona is a growing community located near Madison and fills a need in this area.  It has a great corner location on the busiest intersection in town.  And it has a knowledgeable and conversant owner who is a perfect match for bookstore and town. 

 Again, I'm doing cartwheels over the fact that since resuming my journey I'm visiting new bookstores that have opened during the pandemic.  Owner Rye K. started working on the interior in October and opened one month later in November, very impressive considering all the work needed.  There is something here for everybody.  In addition to new and used books, the store has an extensive offering of sidelines including jewelry, greeting cards, coffee, candles, socks, and lots of artwork by local artists.  There is a spacious and nicely decorated children's room in the back of the store.  The upstairs area is a gorgeous art studio offering work by local artists, one as young as 11-years old.  You can also snag yourself an art workshop in this space.  Currently, the store has been holding virtual events but eventually this upstairs space will be perfect for live events.  

Rye has done a great job of getting this business up and running.  She already has a solid core of regular customers but there's room for plenty more on that bandwagon.  And one of my FAVORITE things never to be underestimated, they have a parking lot with free and ample parking.  

There you go, Verona.  No reason to delay visiting this new member of the business community and supporting shop local, buy local.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Seven Kinds Of People You Find In Bookshops, Shaun Bythell.  The author is the owner of a used book store in Scotland and would be well-qualified to identify the people mentioned in the title (the bore, the exhausted parents, the abandoned child, the farter, and many more).  It's a quick read and for people who visit bookstores, this is very entertaining.    I loved it.  If you've ever worked in a bookstore, this is a must read.  Recommended. 

CURRENTLY READING:  Time After Time, Karl Alexander.   


Wonderful view of a bookshop in a historical building. 

Indie Bob never underestimates the value of a large, free bookstore parking lot.

Straight ahead through this door to a wonderful bookstore.  

You've heard of the little free libraries?  This is a little free library AND pantry.  Way to go Kismet. 
Learn a bit of the history about the house on this plaque outside the store.  
View looking into the store from the front entrance. 

View looking to the right from the front entrance. 

The store offers a variety of sidelines including journals. 
Find this jewelry display in the front of the store. 

Kismet has an abundance of greeting cards. 
One of the nice book shelves in the front half of the store. 

A book nook, a comfortable chair, and a nice lamp.  Wake me at closing time. 

Coffee isn't available to drink in the store yet so purchase your own and brew at home.  
Take time to enjoy the old timbers in the main floor ceiling. 
Kismet has a large children's room in the rear of the main floor.  This is the view looking into that room. 
Kids will love this spinner display of stuffed animals. 
Two little chairs for two little readers.  

Another overview of the children's room. 
This is a thing.  Plant the card. 
This is fantastic.  The mural on the wall behind the check-out counter was done by a local artist. 

This is the Brick House Studio on the 2nd floor.  An expansive space that features outstanding local artists.  This will be a great events room. 
An example of some of the wonderful artwork available. 
Artists of all ages are welcomed.  These works are by an 11-year old. 

Find these locally made soy candles at the check-out counter. 

With Rye, the fine owner at Kismet Books.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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