Monday, March 15, 2021

The Soul Book Nook - Waterloo, IA

The Soul Book Nook, Waterloo IA

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How many of you would be brave enough to open a new bookstore business during a pandemic?  (crickets)  That's what I thought.  Here at The Soul Book Nook, owner Amber C. put it succinctly in one word, a word that applies to all indie owners whether they express it or not.  Faith.  When you meet Amber, there's no denying she has a faith, a strength, and a spirit to deliver a new bookstore to this community at this time.  The store is starting its 7th month in business and as Amber told me, so far they're simply maintaining.  During these unprecedented times, this is wonderful.  And there's only one way to go from here which is why there's a bright future ahead for The Soul Book Nook. 

This "baby" bookstore is already doing all those things the established ones are doing.  An active events schedule, both on zoom and safely in the store.  Local artists with displayed work throughout the store including work by Shalaya, who I met during my visit since she is also a staffer.  The store offers new and used books and the books they take in are all donated at this time.  If you can't visit in person, consider supporting this female, Black-owned bookstore by ordering online.  You'll find most genres here but the store is a definite niche for social advocacy books and African-American issues and history.   I'm happy to say that they aleady have a solid group of regulars.  Interestingly for this store, they are also getting some great business support from the Des Moines area and some of the education community there.   Additionally, many readers from all over search out this store simply to support a female, Black-owned business.  I cannot endorse this strongly enough!

Like the rest of us, Amber is marking time until the pandemic subsides and life becomes more reasonable again.  She has some great ideas including live music and offering a coffee service and snacks.  I'll look forward to watching this store grow and evolve.

 I'm aware that because of the newness of The Soul Book Nook not everyone in the community has discovered it yet.  If you're reading this, it's discovered!  In the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, you finally have an independent bookstore.  Embrace this wonderful store and visit often.  Stores like this are the envy of towns who have nothing.  And if nothing else, you'll enjoy visiting with a knowledgeable and friendly owner and staff.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.  

 JUST FINISHED:  The Midnight Library, Matt Haig.  A women's life is suspended between life and death where she visits a huge library containing books of regrets and chances to live other lives she might've had if she'd made different decisions.  This book is getting a lot of hype.  Liked it, didn't love it. 

 CURRENTLY READING:  Dear Edward, Ann Napolitano. 

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Lost Buxton, Rachelle Chase.   

Store front of The Soul Book Nook.  Lots of front window display space. 
A portion of one of the front window displays. 

View looking straight into the store from the front entrance.               
Looking to the left of the front entrance.    
You'll find artwork by local artists displayed throughout the store. 

I love this table display just inside the front entrance. 

Go to the left after entering and follow the direction.  Stay safe and socially distanced. 

Follow the footprints for a guide to social distance. 

Kids will like this table display near the front of the store. 

A wonderful work by Shalaya, a local artist and staffer at The Soul Book Nook.  Make sure you ask her about her other paintings. 

Shelves located behind the check-out counter where you'll buy your books. 

Lots to pick from on this table display. 

There will soon be a coffee service up and running. 
Looking for thrillers?  This is your section.

How about science fiction?  You're covered. 

Overview of thew bookstore looking from the back toward the front entrance. 
Check out the message board toward the back of the store. 

Yes!  On the message board. 
Yes and...

A sign applicable at every bookstore, this one was created by a devoted customer. 
A perfect table display in the children's area. 

Partial view of the children's area. 

Be a part of The Soul Book Nook bookclub and pick up this book. 
With Amber, the fine owner at The Soul Book Nook.  Thanks for a great visit (Yes, we both wore masks during my visit.  No, I do not have a blue beard). 

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