Sunday, June 21, 2015

Loganberry Books - Shaker Heights, OH

Loganberry Books - Shaker Heights, OH
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I told Harriett L., the founder and owner of Loganberry Books, that I didn't know if my pictures could do her store justice.  Everything from the incredible book mural on the side of the building to the classic look inside.  The look inside is of an old, stately, established (it is!), bookstore.  It has a kind of old library feel to it with the floor to ceiling bookshelves, many of which hold old collectable editions in leather-bound covers.  Or maybe picture Mr. Penumbra's bookstore or the Sempere and Son Bookstore in The Shadow Of The Wind.  No matter how you picture it, this is one hearty bookstore with some girth to it and it delivers in every way.

This one-level bookstore (oh, what a level!) is located in suburban Cleveland in the Larchmere neighborhood.  The outside front of the bookstore is nice but very deceptive.  This store is expansive with multiple large rooms, all absolutely packed with books.  They have no storage area so they use all available space in all rooms.  My jaw dropped when I entered and saw walled bookshelves on both sides of the front room, very impressive.  The store offers new, used, and collectable books and these collectables are one of the store's strengths including out-of-print books, children's books, rare books, early classics, and much more.  If you're a collector, you absolutely must visit this store.  But ordinary book lovers will not be disappointed.  The inventory is quite voluminous and it will be challenging to get out of here without getting more than just a few books.  There are some sidelines here, including an extensive offering of greeting cards that sell quite well.  During the winter months, they alter a portion of the store to include more sidelines than usual in order to help the business.  The store is quite active with author events held on-site.  They also have live music weekly as well as an open mic night, all great ways to bring people into the store.

And then there's Otis.  Man, this cat must have super powers because I heard a lot about him and could sense his presence everywhere.  Unfortunately, the day of my visit was his day off so I cannot truly confirm his existence.  However, I did see the scratchy-pole thingy, his water dish, his bed, and a couple of toys.  He also has his own picture on his business card and sells his likeness on magnets.

Harriett and her staff were all wonderfully nice to talk to and tell me about the store.  She started this business 20 years ago so I think that's a good sign for this indie and the fortunate people in the community as it moves toward the future.  If you live anywhere near the Cleveland area and haven't been here yet, it's time to change that.  Get to this terrific indie and enjoy a great bookstore experience.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  A Stranger In My Own Country, Hans Fallada.  Prison diary written by this great German author while being held in prison in 1944.  Written at great risk and very outspoken against the Third Reich.  Many of the great German authors of those times fled the country, Fallada stayed.  He is an incredible story by himself, but this book won't be for everybody.  If you want to read one of his best books and one of my favorites, start with Every Man Dies Alone.  Then try this one.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Life We Bury, Allen Eskens.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  84, Charing Cross Road, Helene Hanff.

This beautiful mural of books is on the side of the building located in the area known as Author's Alley.  

A great front window display and a couple of places to sit and browse a book.  

View from the front entrance looking toward the rear of the store which isn't even in view.  Conscientious readers may notice the celebrity on the left sprinting into the store.  Yes, that's my mom.   

Floor to ceiling bookshelves.  

Looking to the left from the front entrance.  I think these bookshelves are beautiful.  

Another view.  

A great place to sit and try some books, near the front of the store.  

You'll find lots of children's books here.  

A little chair for a little person.  

A fraction of the vintage books.  

These are only a few of the greeting cards you can find here.  

If you have a vintage book in need of repair, bring it here.  They can help.  

Another one of the rooms in the store.  They also have open mic events in this room.  

There are many great places you can sit and read.  

Floor to ceiling bookshelves.  It is like this in every room of the store.  

You can find lots of bargains here.  

Music people could use a set of these.  Where were these when I was in grad school?!

A view from the rear of the store looking toward the front, as best as I could.  

Serious book collectors need to visit this store and visit this room.   Seriously.   

You'll find lots of book art here too.  

Edgar Allen Poe collectors, here you go.  

You will find vintage and collectable books everywhere in this store.  

A bookstore with live music.  What could be better?!

With Harriett, the fine owner of Loganberry Books.  Thanks for a great visit.


  1. One of the best bookstores anywhere in the world! And Otis is real. Very real.

    1. You're right about this bookstore! As for Otis, he was wearing the cloak of invisibility the day I was there! Thanks for following! Bob