Monday, March 31, 2014

McNally - Jackson Books - New York, NY

Two things are happening today.  It's opening day of the baseball season and you get a new blog entry!  I've been away for a bit visiting another indie down in Florida so watch for that blog entry in the coming week.  As I slowly get the hang of this and post these closer to my visits, they should improve and will also include a few more pictures.  I'm almost synchronized.  But for now, some info about McNally-Jackson Books in New York City.

I visited MJ last fall when I visited many indies in the NYC area.  Unfortunately, Sarah McNally was not in on the day of my visit but I did get the pleasure of meeting a fine staff member, Brook Stephenson.  Without exception, everyone I meet in these indies is fantastic to talk to and when they find out about my project of touring all the indies in My Bookstore, their enthusiasm always increases.  Brook showed me all around the main floor and was great about showing me some favorite books to add to my "waiting to be read" pile.  The one that I bought that he highly recommended was The Octopus, by Frank Norris, originally published in 1901.  Never heard of it but it does have some acclaim.  I'm a little nervous about it but Brook said it was one of his favorites so it's in the aforementioned pile waiting its turn.

Two levels of books here, lots of light, and a cafe which I absolutely love.  Looked like a great inventory to me, including many local authors, and also looked like something for everyone.  Also, if you want to publish a book you've written this place can help you.  It looked to me like they have the capability to do it right in the store.  I don't always check out the websites of these indies because that isn't my primary focus but I did check this one out.  From what I could tell, this place looks to have a lot of flexibility in what it offers in events, services, etc.  Check it out as well.  This place is 5 stars all the way!

Lastly, if (I mean WHEN!) you do make it to this store, check out the sign in the restroom from Sarah.  I won't tell you what it is or post the picture of it, but it is certainly unique to restrooms of indie bookstores.  Now go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir!

JUST FINISHED:  Fall of Giants, Ken Follett.  Loved it.  WWI historical fiction.  Dragged a bit toward the end but overall super.  4 stars.

CURRENTLY READING:  A Land Remembered, Patrick D. Smith.  Mark Twain-ish but set in Florida.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Triggerfish Twist, Ken Dorsey.  Dorsey is a Florida native.  I was just in Florida.  Do the math.  Devil In The Grove, Gilbert King.  Non-fiction.  Florida civil rights story.  Both of these look good but who knows when I'll get to them!


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