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The Dusty Bookshelf - Lawrence, KS


The Dusty Bookshelf, Lawrence, KS

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I was in Lawrence a few years ago and saw this bookstore from the outside and made a mental note that I needed to come back and visit when I had more time.  Finally, today was that day and boy am I glad I didn't forget this one.  An absolutely butt-kickin' used book store that has been rockin' it since 1996.  The vibe I had when I entered the store was it didn't feel like a typical used book store.  Neatly arranged in a large area with soft lighting and a carpeted floor gave it a sophisticated feeling.  Many attractive table displays throughout as well as multiple book nooks and comfortable places to sit and try a book.  Needless to say, this beauty is the kind of place a book lover could spend a half a day.

"I will wait on you, but I'm in no rush."
The Dusty Bookshelf offers all used books in this engaging space with an ideal location on Massachusetts St. in the heart of downtown Lawrence.  In addition to their regular customers they also attract staff, students, and parents from the Kansas University community, a benefit for any indie located in a college town.  The Dusty Bookshelf could easily become overrun with used books without some guidelines, e.g., no more than two boxes per visit.  In return, the store will offer cash or store credit but the store credit is a far better deal (if you're a regular, always take the store credit).  They will also gladly welcome donated books.  There are few sidelines except for some stickers, mugs, and bookstore swag.  It's mostly about the books here.

But if you don't come for the books or the sidelines, why even bother to visit?  That's easy.  As Shelby, one of the booksellers told me, many people come in to simply see Dinah, the bookstore cat.  When I entered the store, she was poised regally at the checkout counter as if to say, "I will wait on you, but I'm in no rush."  Don't worry, this bookstore is worth the wait no matter how long Dinah takes!  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  A Murder Is Announced, Agatha Christie.  I've never read anything by this legendary author and decided to change that by reading this one, featuring  Miss Marple, one of her recurring characters.  An advertisement placed in the paper announces the time and place of an upcoming murder.  The local neighbors, being busy bodies, decide they need to be there to see if it really happens.  And that's when things get muddy and may not be as they seem.  Very British with a bit of humor. 

CURRENTLY READING:  Remainders Of The Day, Shaun Bythell. 


Full view of the storefront with an entrance on the left and on the right. 

You might as well start browsing before you enter the store. 

Display window featuring tempting buys. 

The bookstore has ample display window space. 

View looking into the beautiful interior from the right side entrance. 

View looking to the left from the right side entrance. 

View looking to the right from the right side entrance. 

One of the long book aisles. 

Take a chance and go for it!  You can even pick the genre of the mystery grab bag.  5 or more books for $20.  I love promotions like these. 

View looking over toward the left side of the store. 

A portion of the left side.  I'm really impressed with how pleasant the store interior appears.  It's even better in person. 

Pick a book from here and save the staff from shelving it. 

Mugs make for a great gift to go with the book gift purchase.

I bet Dinah fits in well at Halloween!

The store offers few sidelines but they do have an assortment of stickers and mugs.  I might suggest the Dinah Mite sticker with Dinah's picture. 

The store has little storage room so they make do with areas like this. 

Floor to ceiling books and don't forget to browse the ones at your feet. 

Partial view of the children's room to the rear left of the store. 

Overview of the back of the store and its width. 

The room at the rear right features history and other genres. 

Two comfy places to sit and sample a book. 

When you enter this book nook, there is enough space for your feet and discover books high and low. 

An overview looking from the back toward the entrance on the right side. 

It is usually pretty tricky for me to get a good picture of any bookstore cat.  Obviously, Dinah has experience doing photo shoots. 

With Shelby, one of the fine booksellers at The Dusty Bookshelf.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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