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Baldwin & Co Books & Coffee - New Orleans, LA

Baldwin & Co Books & Coffee, New Orleans, LA

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If regular readers of this blog read my most recent post before this one, you know how remarkable that building and space are.  So, same as Pass Christian Books, Baldwin & Co has a very striking and beautiful interior.  When you visit this bookstore it will be one of the first things you notice.  Modern lighting, trim, fixtures, etc.  Most of all you'll enjoy the artistic talent of the murals displayed in the store.  The mural of James Baldwin is simply outstanding and my picture below won't do it justice.  Needless to say, the next time you're in New Orleans put this place on your list of "must-sees."  I tell you this because you probably won't see it listed on the tourist sites.  Yet.

But it should be.  An absolutely gorgeous interior with a cafe service right up front.  You can browse books displayed all along the cafe counter and then continue to the shelves through the remainder of the store.  The James Baldwin theme starts on the menu with drinks named after James Baldwin titles.  And of course, you can find any of his books among the very well curated inventory of all new books.  Lots of relevant titles for our times and numerous works by Black authors.  You'll also find recent releases and best-sellers on the shelves.  They offer an excellent assortment of store swag but other than that there are few sidelines.  If you happen to be one of the regular customers, make sure you take advantage of a store punch card to reward your purchases.  As Amelia, one of the staffers told me, the cafe is huge for the store's business.

One of the most unique things I found here was the James Baldwin podcast studio.  A beautiful room encased in glass with everything needed for someone to do their own podcast.  The store rents this studio out to anyone who wants to do a podcast.  So if your hurdle is just figuring out how to get started, this bookstore has your solution.  What an excellent idea and opportunity.

Happy birthday to James Baldwin & Co who celebrates its one-year anniversary this month.  I didn't get to meet DJ, the owner, on this visit but Amelia VERY patiently and kindly couldn't have been nicer to talk to while waiting on a continual line of cafe customers.  What a wonderful addition this is to the terrific New Orleans bookstore scene.  Congratulations DJ.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Finlay Donovan Is Killing It, Elle Cosimano.  Finlay Donovan is a struggling writer who meets her agent at a Panera to talk about finishing her book and she can't decide how to kill off a character.  The conversation is overheard by a woman at another table and thinks Finlay is a real life killer for hire.  The woman slips her a note and insists on Finlay killing her terrible husband.  Let the mystery adventure begin.  Recommended. 

CURRENTLY READING:  The Last Slave Ship, Ben Raines. 

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Fire Next Time, James Baldwin.  


Another angle of the beautiful Baldwin & Co building. 

To the right of the building you'll find a large outdoor courtyard seating area. 


View looking straight into the store from the front entrance.  I love the tiling and the trim. 


Just inside you'll see books displayed on the cafe counter. 


Since the front of the store doesn't have room for table displays, they take advantage of cafe counter space for book displays. 


You'll find some cafe seating on the right side of the store space, directly opposite the cafe counter. 


I love how the store uses this counter space for books. 


Partial view of some of the store swag. 


One of the store monitors displays changing screens of recommended books in different genres. 


A few of the greeting cards available. 


Beautiful artistry and important message. 


This is the portrait of James Baldwin that really drew my attention to this bookstore. 


Expanded picture and the one most often associated with this store.  I was amazed to see how the artist did this portrait.  When you see it in person and stand right in front of it, you'll notice that it is painted over the spines of many books.  Remarkable. 


Grab a book, a latte, and a comfy seat. 


The back of the bookstore with additional seating on the right and partial view of the store's podcast studio on the left.  

View looking into the podcast studio. 
You can rent this studio for your own podcast. 
A beautiful Christmas tree of books. 
View of the outdoor seating area from inside the store. 
The store holds frequent events. 
For James Baldwin fans, this store is a must. 
Overview looking from the middle of the store toward the front entrance 
The woodwork, trim, flooring, and decor are outstanding. 
Available and recommended. 
Check out the specialty drinks.  Pair a James Baldwin book with the drink. 
Good luck finding these on Amazon. 

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