Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Eleanor's Bookshop - Tulsa, OK

Eleanor's Bookshop, Tulsa, OK

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Readers who've followed this journey know that I've run into bookstore owners who've come to the profession after leaving a career in teaching.  If there's one thing I know about teachers its that they're good at multi-tasking.  Eleanor's Bookshop is proof positive of outstanding multi-tasking.  You see, the co-owners here are husband and wife Matt and Kelsey.  Unlike others who left teaching to open a bookstore, they are doing both, teaching AND running a bookstore.  Wow, talk about raising the bar for all the rest of the teachers!  Of course, they couldn't pull this off without excellent in-store help.  Carolyn was the bookseller on duty the day of my visit and she was dynamite to talk with.  Now I know Matt and Kelsey also have a talent for hiring top-notch people.

Eleanor's Bookshop is what I call a K-12 bookstore.  All new books for babies and toddlers all the way through high schoolers and young adult books.  There are a few books here for parents but this is definitely a kid focused bookstore.  Other than a few greeting cards and t-shirts, there are no sidelines here so the store's success is mostly books, very impressive.  Eleanor's opened about a year and a half ago, mid pandemic.  Initially, they relied on appointment browsing and online orders.  Thankfully, things are going fine now with continued online orders and in-store browsing.  It's no surprise in this children's store that they have a daily story time.  It's also no surprise in a children's store owned by teachers that one of the store's missions is to improve literacy in the Tulsa area.  I didn't meet Matt and Kelsey but I can tell they're good people. 

Now, here's the challenge for Eleanor's and its customers.  The intersection where the store is located is undergoing major construction.  Never fear, YOU CAN GET TO THE STORE.  There are certain ways you can and can't turn so you might have to make a couple of passes.  Persevere dear readers, persevere.  Free parking is plentiful behind the store so park there.  Enter the store through their clearly marked back door and then let the magic begin (maybe by the time many of you read this the construction will be complete).  Bring your children to his terrific new indie and let them enjoy the  beginning of a long-lasting adventure.  Tulsa, you've got a winner here.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family, Ron Howard and Clint Howard.  An absolutely delightful memoir of family, childhood, and the TV and movie industry.  If you're a fan of the Andy Griffin Show, Happy Days, American Graffiti, or Opie Taylor, this is a must read.  Wonderful book.  Recommended. 

CURRENTLY READING:  I Will Judge You By Your Bookshelf, Grant Snider.   

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  A baby book about a refrigerator and an oven.  

Perfectly themed display window. 

Even though the store is a small one-level space, they have super display window space. 

If the front door is blocked by construction or anything else, enter here through the back door.  This is also steps away from the free parking lot.  I would suggest parking here regardless of entrance. 

The beautiful view looking into this children's store from the back door entrance.  Matt, Kelsey, and staff have turned this into a magical space. 

The check out desk and display table.  This furniture multi-tasks just like the owners. 

Attractive table display. 

Lots of book series' available. 

Always ask about gift cards at any bookstore. 

This is a greeting card I could sink my teeth into. 

Lovely store mural near the story time area.  Kudos to the talented artist who did this. 

If you come in the back entrance, this is the wall of books along the right wall. 

A few items of local and regional interest. 

Table display located nearest the front door. 

Books to browse at a child's eye level. 

If you bring a child to the store, have a seat here and read them part of a book. 

This is a great idea for any children's bookstore. 

Another comfy place to sit and sample a book. 

This sliding ladder will come in handy for getting to those high shelves. 

I learn something at every bookstore I visit. 

Introduce your child to a classic series. 

Adult books on parenting available here. 

With Carolyn, one of the fine people you'll meet at Eleanor's Bookshop.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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