Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Lunar & Lake Book Market - Fond du Lac, WI


Lunar & Lake Book Market, Fond du Lac, WI

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The fact that every store is different and every owner has a unique story is one of the many things I've learned on this journey.  Lunar & Lake Book Market sprang from a business of making bookmarks.  Owner Margaux began a pop-up business of making elastic-banded, decorative bookmarks.  The bookmarks appeared as a pop-up at local outdoor festivals and events but was so successful it soon needed a brick and mortar.  Their success planted the seed that grew up and became a bookstore.  A space that houses all new books with a wide variety of sidelines.  In addition to Margaux's bookmarks called Book Art Bookmarks, the store offers bookstore candles, numerous bath bombs, greeting cards, organic chocolate pops conveniently placed at the check-out counter, bookstore scarves, and tote bags to name just a few.  Casey, the store's only employee, also has some of his own artistic photography available for sale.  So the store is in the hands of two creative souls which indicates an innate talent to overcome any challenges they may face.  As for Margaux's bookmarks, they are so popular that she is now selling them to other independent bookstores around the country.   

Lunar & Lake is another "pandemic baby" and just celebrated its one year anniversary.  The store fills a void left by the independent chain Book World, which closed here a few years ago.  There are 3 distinct rooms in the store.  The front room for adults and sidelines, a 2nd room for very young readers, and a back room for middle readers and young adult, a great store set-up.  The store's location is perfect, right downtown on the busiest street.  It's also a plus in the summer months when they close off the street for the weekly farmer's market which attracts large crowds, many of who might not otherwise discover this terrific indie.  I'm also so pleased to hear that this great location does not come with an exorbitant lease.

On the day of my visit I met a solid 50% of the staff.  I didn't get to meet Margaux on this day but Casey was wonderful to meet and tell me about the store and the business.

Since Lunar & Lake is only one year old, there are some who don't know about it yet.  If you're a regular, introduce this store to a friend.  A wonderful new bookstore in the heart of downtown Fond du Lac.  Beat the supply chain problem and start shopping now.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Freddy Goes Camping, Walter Brooks.  This author wrote a delightful middle reader series from 1927-1958 about Freddy The Pig and all his talking animal friends on the Bean Farm in rural New York.  They're always having adventures and it's usually Freddy who figures out how to solve the problems.  These are the kinds of books you can enjoy searching for in used book stores.  I enjoy these books and call them my "palate cleansers." 

CURRENTLY READING:  Have You Seen Luis Velez?, Catherine Ryan Hyde. 

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Chalkboard place mats activity pack, perfect for pre-schoolers.


Beautiful storefront with plentiful display window space. 

View looking into the store from the front entrance. 

View looking to the left from the front entrance.  Let the browsing begin. 

Attractive display table, front and center. 

Looking toward the right from the front entrance.  Books and sidelines. 

Book-themed literary scarves. 

Slide over Nicholas Sparks, I need to sit down and sample a book. 

Beautifully crafted book art.  I'm always so impressed by these. 

Just a few of the greeting cards available. 

Do you want to smell like an avid reader?  There's a candle for that. 

Looking at sidelines along the front display window. 

I learn something new on every visit.  These are skull pops, you eat them. 

Just a few of Margaux's unique elastic bookmarks. 

The rear corner of the main room offers mostly non-fiction. 

See below. 

The giant world map unfolded.  This would look great in a kids' bedroom. 

A wonderful room for tiny readers. 

A great gift for a pre-schooler. 

Beautiful display in the children's room. 

Overview of the back room for middle readers and young adult. 

Overview of the bookstore's main room looking from the back toward the front entrance. 

Book Art Bookmarks made by Margaux. 

Already an award-winning store.  Way to go Lunar & Lake. 

Ask Casey about some of his own artistic photography offered in the store. 

An imaginative seasonal display.

With Casey on the right, one of the fine booksellers you'll meet at Lunar & Lake Book Market.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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