Friday, November 10, 2017

The Reader's Loft - Green Bay, WI

The Reader's Loft, Green Bay, WI
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Quick, what comes to mind when you hear somebody say Green Bay?  Of course, 99.9% of you will say the Green Bay Packers.  What else is there, right?  Naturally, I'm the .1% that will say, "Green Bay?  Oh yeah, they have a great bookstore, The Reader's Loft.  Why else would I go to Green Bay?"

So to Green Bay I went and enjoyed seeing a very spacious, one-level store located in the Bellevue community.  It has been at this location for the past 11 years but in business for about 23 years total, a remarkable run.  Reader's Loft offers new and used books as well as a good variety of sidelines.  The table displays in the front of the store feature all new books and the used ones can be found mixed in with the new throughout the store on the bookshelves.  There are a variety of sidelines here but they don't dominate the store.  They offer something called Oriental Carpet Creations that do especially well and is something that I don't think I've seen at other bookstores.  You'll find some good holiday ideas here as they'll increase their gift item inventory during this time of year.

I'm always curious to know how a store like this has survived for 23 years and overcome the challenges.  As Amy, the book buyer, told me, its good customer service and community.  They've engaged the community in a variety of ways, something that many indies do.  They have bookclubs and writer's groups that meet in the store and they have a wonderful space for these people.  The store offers author events but is continually challenged to draw many people to these.  Come on Green Bay, check out an event at this store.  They also partner with a great book festival in April, UntitledTown, and Amy couldn't recommend this enough.  I was especially glad that she told me, unprompted, that she thinks independent bookstores are having a renaissance.  Great news!

Sophie and Greta will be waiting for your visit.  
What else?  Two wonderful bookstore cats, Sophie and Greta, who will amuse you as you browse for books.

Amy and Ginnie, the owner, were wonderful to meet and graciously told me lots about the store and the business.  People like these two are one of the reasons I enjoy visiting bookstores so much and one of the reasons you need to find your way to The Reader's Loft.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.  

CURRENTLY READING:  Tell The Wolves I'm Home, Carol Rifka Brunt.  

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Beautiful Jim Key: The Lost History Of The World's Smartest Horse, Mim Eichler Rivas.  Not purchased but gifted, The Original Ginny Moon, Benjamin Ludwig.  Thanks Amy.   

View looking into the store from the front entrance.  Diligent readers may recognize the celebrity charging into the store.  Yes, that's my mom.    

Looking toward the left from the front entrance.  
I think this is Sophie.  She moves around so fast it was tough to get a good picture.  

A table display of a few of the used books that are just like new.  

A nice staff picks display.  

Display of new release paperbacks.  

See what the bookclubs are reading.  

You'll find a variety of sidelines at the checkout counter.  

Display of new hardcover fiction.  

Books about bookstores and a few sidelines.  

Another view of the checkout counter and some of the sidelines.  

Just a few of the greeting cards available.  

I think this is probably my favorite space in the store.  Lots of comfortable places to sit and linger over a book.  

Your bookclub can sit here and talk about your next book.  

Classics are all over the store...

...just keep looking.  

If you're not a Packer fan in Green Bay, you know others who are.  Here's your book display.  

A portion of the kid's section.  

Find these bargains in the kids' section.  

One of the many long book aisles in the store.  

Take a trip down memory lane and get The Hardy Boys series.  

An overview of the store.  

View looking across the store and back toward the entrance which is on the right in this picture.  

Look for the Oriental Carpet Creations near the check-out counter.  

Check the front window on your way in, you might see someone waiting for your visit.  

With Ginnie on the left and Amy in the center, two of the fine people you'll meet at The Reader's Loft.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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