Sunday, November 19, 2017

Round Lake Bookstore - Charlevoix, MI

Round Lake Bookstore, Charlevoix, MI
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Readers, if you're looking for a resort town getaway you couldn't do much better than Charlevoix, MI.  This charming, picturesque town in northern Michigan is beautifully situated between Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix.  The population is approximately 2500 and fortunately for these folks there is a wonderful independent bookstore located right downtown.  You're probably wondering how a town this size can possibly support a business like this.  Maybe you should ask the 30,000+ people that vacation and live here every summer.  A hard core group of regulars, an abundance of summer tourists, and a busy holiday season all adds up to a good business for this gem of a bookstore.

The Round Lake Bookstore is a one-level store with two smallish rooms that offers all new books.  The store is really packed but everything is very neatly arranged and all of the book displays are attractive.  I thought the local display of Michigan interests was especially good and Larry B., one of the staffers, told me that these books sell well during the tourist season.  The store offers some sidelines including greeting cards journals, and some smaller items.  It's nice to know that the store has been around now for about 10 years and for the last two in the current location.  

I didn't get to meet Diane D., the owner, or Bob B., the store manager, but I did find out what retired attorneys do when they hang it up.  Larry's background was in law (he does everything by the BOOKS here!  Get it?!) (Ok, I know you just rolled your eyes!).  Now, Larry volunteers at the wonderful public library and works part-time at Round Lake.  If you like mysteries, I hope you get to meet Larry at the store.  I always learn so much when I meet bookstore people and Larry really filled me in on a few mystery authors I didn't know as well.

To the hearty 2000+ citizens in Charlevoix who will endure the winter, here's your challenge.  Visit Round Lake enough to get it and yourself, through the winter.  Take a friend and take the relatives when they visit.  This is a heck of a bookstore and your patronage will help keep it that way.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  Lilac Girls, Martha Hall Kelly.  

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Lock Artist, Steve Hamilton.

Another exterior view with some great places to sit outside on a nice day.  

A nice display window with the Round Lake logo.  

Lots of good window display space.  

Looking straight into the store from the front entrance.  

Looking to the left from the front entrance.  

Every bookstore customer should heed these directions.  

Left side of the store and a long wall of books.  

Find this cart and check out the new releases.  

A good assortment of food related books and cookbooks.  

Two comfortable places to sit and try out a book, located in the front of the store.  

After entering the store, if you go immediately to the right you'll walk directly into the second room.  This is the view looking through the room.  Mystery lovers will want to spend a lot of time in this room.  

A few of the greeting cards available.  

Hey Lee Child fans, have you read all the Jack Reacher novels?  If you haven't, you need to visit this store.  

A partial view of the children's section.  

Lots of staff picks on display.  

Display of books of local interests.  

If you drove to Charlevoix for a vacation and have a couple of kids in the backseat, consider these cards on your return trip if they get tired of their technology.  

With Larry on the right, one of the fine staffers at Round Lake Bookstore.  Thanks for a great visit.  


  1. There used to be a book store dog there - no more?

    1. I didn’t see a dog on my visit and there wasn’t a mention of one. I love meeting dogs in
      bookstores so hopefully it was just the dog’s day off! Thanks for following, Katherine. Bob

  2. Glad to see you enjoying all the great northern MI stores! We have some good ones. I’m in NYC for the weekend and there are no shortage of Independents here.

    Enjoy following you very much. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Katherine. There are some great indies in northern MI and there are more I will have to visit. Lots of great ones in NYC too. Thanks for following, Katherine.