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The Boulder Bookstore - Boulder, CO

The Boulder Bookstore - Boulder, CO
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Ok readers, hold on to your hats when you visit this bookstore because you will be overwhelmed.  Some of you will say, "Sure Indie Bob, you say that about all the bookstores."  Oh, I know I can exaggerate at times but this is one big boy.  It's big enough that it's a member in a consortium of some of the larger indies like Books & Books, Tattered Cover, and Powell's.  There are new and used books here housed on three levels.  And in the words of one of the booksellers I met, the best three things about this store are location, location, location.  The Boulder Bookstore is located on the iconic Pearl St. ped mall which is a destination in itself for many tourists.  And if this isn't the destination, the Rocky Mountain National Park is.  Either way, this bookstore is a must see.

The Boulder Bookstore was founded, under a different name, in 1973 and has been in its current location for over 20 years.  It has survived the challenges and now like other indies is showing good business and growth.  Used books can be found in their own display of recent additions as well as mixed in throughout the store.  Customers who bring in books for the store can receive cash or store credit.  Regular customers can also join the store's readers guild club.  This is kind of like a frequent flyer club and offers discounts on purchases and other store perks to its members.  I really wish more indies offered something like this for their regular customers.  If you're in Boulder and don't belong to this program, step it up and join to support your local bookstore.

As for sidelines, they're everywhere.  But they don't overshadow the book inventory.  T-shirts, journals, greeting cards, handbags, new age items, hats, chocolate, and much more.  There is also an assortment of DVDs and CDs but I didn't really spend much time looking at these because of all the books.  Because this is located on the downtown ped mall I was a little concerned about parking.  Fortunately, the store's web site did a good job and directed me to Spruce St. Parking, located very close to the store.  They have a very active events schedule here and are able to host the events on the 2nd floor in the ballroom.  When there are no events, the ballroom is wall to wall books.

I didn't get to meet the owner, David B., on this visit but Buster K., the Boulder Books tech guy showed me around (remember, this is one big store!) and was very nice to take time visiting with me as were many of the booksellers I met.  Some bookstores you can skip in and out in no time but that won't happen here.  Be a tourist and visit this hip college town with a hip ped mall and a VERY hip bookstore.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  The Orenda, Joseph Boyden.  Very well researched historical fiction about an Indian tribe and one of the first encounters with a European, a Jesuit priest from France who is hoping to save their souls.  Told in three voices, the Jesuit priest, a Huron Indian, and a captured girl from a rival tribe.  At times brutal.  The further into the book I got the better it was.  I thought this was outstanding.

CURRENTLY READING:  Holy Cow, David Duchovny.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Burial Rites, Hannah Kent.

Beautiful exterior view.

Additional entrance on the side of the building.  

Sounds like Independent Bookstore Day would've been a blast.  

Well said.  

Looking into the bookstore toward the left.  

Looking through the bookstore from the front entrance.  There is so much more to this level that this picture doesn't show.  

One long wall of recommended selections.  

I think chocolate is always a good sideline!

A few of the DVDs available.  

There are sale books and sale tables all over the store.  Here's one of them.  

Music boxes with a literary theme.  

A few of the greeting cards available.  

A portion of the regional interests and offerings.  

Looking into the back room on the main level.  Lots of children's items here.  

A nice little nook in the children's area.  

This indie is huge.  You would be wise to study this directory.  

Looking into one of the rooms on the lower level.   

Lots of outdoor activity and Colorado related books available.  

Hand bags are one of the many sidelines you can find here.  

Another view of one of the rooms on the lower level.  

Another view of one of the lower level rooms.  

This is the ballroom up on the second floor.  Many of the author events are held in this space.  

Always one of my favorite pictures.  A long wall of books in the ballroom.  
This room is on the 2nd level, adjacent to the ballroom.  

With Buster on the right, one of the fine folks at The Boulder Bookstore.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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