Monday, May 16, 2016

Bookworks - Albuquerque, NM

Bookworks - Albuquerque, NM
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Booksellers, staffers, personnel, etc., why do you do this to me?  Why do you continually recommend to me other indies to visit, others to add to my journey?  You find out what I'm doing and then proceed to list off other bookstores that I should visit.  These are your competitors, right?  Readers, you need to understand that bookstore people are different and they share a camaraderie with those of the same ilk at other stores.  I probably wouldn't have visited here except Kelsey at Old Firehouse Books in Ft. Collins told me to go to Albuquerque and check it out.  I hear and I obey.  And you know what happened at Bookworks?  Russell, the book buyer, told me to to to Santa Fe to see Collected Works.  And Connie, the head of the children's department told me to check out The Book Case near the UNM campus.  Bookstores are disappearing?  Really?  I've been to a lot of indies but am nowhere close to running out of stores to visit and the list keeps growing thanks to the booksellers who point me to others along my journey.

Bookworks is my 1st indie visited in New Mexico and it is a dandy.  It's a 32 year old veteran, a survivor of the challenges, and continues to move forward the same as all other indies.  It is located in a unique strip-retail area of independent businesses that are all very compatible with each other.  This includes a coffee shop right next door that is very beneficial for both businesses.  The store offers a good assortment of all new books and a variety of sidelines, including greeting cards, journals, and t-shirts to name just a few.  They recently added those unique socks only found in independent bookstores and these are selling very well.  They have frequent author events on and off-site, including an upcoming event with Stephen King and George R. R. Martin in conversation.  Forget about it, the 2300 tickets were sold out long ago.  The store draws a good core of regular customers and all you newbies who will visit after reading this will enjoy finding free, convenient parking in a spacious lot.

I didn't get to meet the owners, Danielle or Wyatt on this visit but the store was in capable hands with Russell and Connie.  They were both wonderful to visit with and I can tell Connie has a real "educator" spirit.  She was preparing for story time in the store and I love the dedication she shows to that and our future readers.

It's my understanding that even though this bookstore has been around for 32 years, some of you have't been here yet?  What the?  Don't you think waiting 32 years is long enough?  Time to fix that.  Time to visit a terrific and legendary bookstore in the great southwest.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  The Devil In The Blue Dress, Walter Mosley.  Crime noir by an author I wasn't familiar with.  I enjoyed this one even though I couldn't follow some of the threads of the mystery near the end.  Takes place in LA after WWII and the main character is dragged into a scheme he doesn't really want to take part in but he needs the money.  Recommended.  I think many of you will enjoy this.

CURRENTLY READING:  H Is For Hawk, Helen MacDonald.

A great display set up outside the bookstore. 

A few of the sidelines available just inside the front entrance. 

Looking to the right and into the store from the front entrance. 

Fastidious readers may recognize the celebrity rushing into the store.  Yes, that's my mom.  No, I don't know why she's headed to the children's section. 

A few of the magazines available. 

Display of books and their authors appearing at Bookworks. 

A portion of the local authors and interests available. 

A great display of Indie best sellers. 

A few of the sidelines available including funky socks. 

My money shot!  The long bookshelf aisle. 

A great place to sit and try out a book. 

Bring your pre-schooler to Connie's story time. 

A portion of the children's section where Connie does a great job. 

A good assortment of craft and activity books. 

View looking through the store from the rear. 

Breaking Bad fans should definitely come here and check this map out. 

Come to Bookworks on the right day and you'll hear live music. 

Another view looking through the store. 

With Connie on the left and Russell on the right.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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