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Micawber's Books - St. Paul, MN

Micawber's Books - St. Paul, MN

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Readers, you know I've got your backs right?  You know that in my marathon journey of bookstores that I'm always looking for a great store in a great location.  I'm aware that many of you may have interests beyond just books.  I think I've found the place for you in St. Paul, Minnesota.  This great bookstore has a wonderful cafe/bakery across the street where you can enjoy lunch or breakfast, The Finnish Bistro.  And next door to Micawber's is a wine shop.  Books, coffee, lattes, baked goods, a lunch menu, and wine.  You're welcome.

Micawber's is named after a David Copperfield character who has an eternally optimistic nature.  What a great attribute for any indie and especially here at Micawber's.  Like many independents, this one is going through some challenges.  But since it has been here for over 40 years, it has developed a devoted local following.  It is located in the St. Anthony neighborhood of St. Paul and many here are rallying to support this indie, to keep it in business, and help them move forward.  A perfect example was an older lady from this community who was here buying a few books but refused to take her customer discount.  These are the kind of loyal customers independent bookstores have, as I'm sure many of you know.  Here at Micawber's, I think there are many customers like this.

This store is housed in a very old building that many years ago served as a post office for this community.  The store is on the small side for independents but is big on character and charm.  One level of books, divided into three rooms including a great room for children's books.  They also hold frequent author events in this room.  Micawber's doesn't have used books but they do have "remainders" available at great prices.  There are no sidelines here so their business is books.  There is also a great section for local and Minnesota interests.

I didn't get to meet Tom, the owner, on this visit and I found out when arriving that my chances were 50/50 of meeting him.  This place is a two-person operation, Tom and Dara, a bookseller.  That's it.  An owner and staff of one at one of the countries great indies.  So on this day I met Dara who was fantastic to talk to.  I learned a lot about the store, its challenges and history, and the independents of the Twin Cities.

You will enjoy your visit to Micawber's and it is very accessible with free parking in numerous places.  It will feel like a visit to a neighborhood bookstore.  And as if I need to remind you, there's wine close by.  Could there be anything better?  Don't pass up a chance to visit this wonderful bookstore.  And if you're in the Twin Cities, you must go and support this terrific independent bookstore.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Cuckoo's Calling, Robert Galbraith.  Author is a pseudonym for J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter author.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The H-Bomb And The Jesus Rock, John Manderino.  Mr. White's Confession, Robert Clark.

Beautiful, historic building, Micawber's Books.  

Great window display.  

View looking to the left as you enter the store.  

View looking to the right, the center room, and then further over the children's section and author event area.  

Great mantel piece display.  

Looking toward the front of the store from the back of the main room.  

This is the middle room.  

Children's and young reader's room and author event area, a great space.  

I love #4!

Good selection of local and Minnesota interests.  

With Dara at Micawber's.  Thanks for a great visit, Dara!  

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