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Warwick's - La Jolla, CA

Warwick's Books - La Jolla, CA

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When I first walked into Warwick's I became very nervous.  Let's see, there's the jewelry, backpacks, several aisles of greeting cards.  Oh good, lots of business supplies, tech accessories, leather goods, cool pens and markers.  Wow, there is so much in this store I could hardly take it all in.  Am I in the wrong place?  Where are the books?  And then I slide over to the OTHER section of the store.  Ahh, there they are!  Here at Warwick's there are two front door entrances.  One entrance is into the part of the store with gifts and other items and the other entrance is into the book part of the store.  The books have been found, crisis averted.  But you may have to buy more than a book at this versatile indie.

Joe, the general manager, on the right.  
This indie probably has more "extras' and sidelines than any other that I've visited so far.  You can certainly find some wonderful gift items here for any occasion as well as the right card to go with it.  But there are also many practical school and business supplies which would make the store a great stop even if you don't need a book.

But you will need a book and you'll enjoy your visit to that side of the store.  Well organized, very neat, and lots of great staff picks so you can't go wrong.  All new books here and all located on one level so don't worry about climbing stairs.  The store is also very active with author visits and it is really cool how they do this in the store.  All the bookshelves and tables are on rolling casters so they can be easily moved to open the space for events.  There are probably other indies that have rolling shelves and tables but I just haven't noticed it.

This store has been family owned for 4 generations and Adrian, the book buyer here, thinks that it is the longest continually owned family independent in the country.  I didn't get to meet Nancy, one of the co-owners, but it is easy to see the knowledge and skill she brings to this great store.  And it is especially evident with the wonderful staff people that I got to meet here.  Adrian, the book buyer, Joe, the general manager, Julie, the events coordinator, Emily, a staffer (who has ties to Jan and Prairie Lights in Iowa City.  Unbelievable!), and Acacia, another staffer.  Great people to visit with about the store and its history.  Warwick's is doing a fine business here and enjoys great local support as well as some tourist business.  It's so nice to visit these stores when everyone is so welcoming.  When you visit Warwick's you'll know exactly what I mean.

When you visit this absolutely gorgeous seaside town of La Jolla, go down to Warwick's on Girard Ave and sit down outside to play some chess.  Then go on inside through either entrance.  Buy some jewelry for your wife and then go get her a book on the book side of the store.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Actually, didn't finish.  The Dog Stars, Peter Heller.  Recommended to me by more than one person and gets some good reviews but didn't work for me.  Many of you will like this one, however.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Dinner, Herman Koch.  Liking it so far.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Great Escape, Kati Marton.  This is not the Steve McQueen, James Garner WWII movie.

Year-round outdoor chess.  Where else but La Jolla, CA!

This is what I saw upon entering.  I was concerned because I didn't see the books!

Good, good, more gift items.  Where are the books?

Lots and lots of greeting cards.  Very nice.  The books, please?

Good, good, office supplies, art supplies, blah blah blah.  Books, anyone?

AHH yes, a new leather handbag for my BOOKS!  Yoo Hoo, books?

AHHH... be still my heart.  Pulse calming.  Blood pressure dropping.  The books have been found!!

Great display of staff picks.  
Active events schedule.  
Part of the great children's section.

Holding the guide for my journey, My Bookstore, by Ron Rice and Adrian holding one of my bookmarks.  

Julie, the events coordinator, holding My Bookstore open to the Warwick's page.  

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