Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Macdonald Book Shop - Estes Park, CO

Macdonald Book Shop - Estes Park, CO

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Even though this is a blog about independent bookstores, their people, and a few books here and there, it could easily morph into a travel blog with all the places I've been fortunate to visit.  To get to Macdonald Books in Estes Park you will most likely travel the two-lane road from Loveland which will include some of the best scenery anywhere.  Mountain streams, sheer cliffs, hairpin curves, beautiful tress, and then in to Estes Park the road leads.  You won't even have to turn off of it because once you get into the touristy stretch of town, you will see Macdonald Books on your left.

This bookstore is everything you could picture of a store located in Estes Park, Colorado.  The store is housed in a log cabin built in 1907 and originally belonged to the forest service.  You can easily see the timbers inside this small, one-story log cabin.  Some of the furnishings are original, such as the chair the authors sit in when visiting for a book signing.  This log cabin has been in the Macdonald family for three generations since 1908 and Paula Macdonald is now the owner of this fine indie.

As for books, the best part of their inventory are the many local books and University Presses publications.  Because this store is so heavily visited by tourists, these are often the kind of books they're looking for.  The summer tourist season is definitely the best time of year for Macdonald Books.  This small indie does not have used books available and only a very small selection of miscellaneous non-book items.  Lots of places in Estes Park offer t-shirts and candy, but this is where you can go to get a book in this tourist destination.

One of the staffers, Sally, gave me a lot of info about the store as well as the family history.  There were  books for sale here as early as 1928.  From that point, the business continued to grow and thrive.

When you visit Colorado enjoy some wonderful scenery and the many recreational activities available.  When you're ready to wind down, stop into Macdonald Books in Estes Park and enjoy the Colorado vibe.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

RECENTLY FINISHED:  The Storied Life Of A. J. Fikry, Gabrielle Zevin.  Loved it and recommend it.  Story about an independent bookstore owner.  Appropriate considering I'm visiting these places.

CURRENTLY READING:  A Man Called Ove, Fredrik Backman.  Liking it.  Look up grumpmuffin in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of Ove, the main character.

View to the right after entering the store.  

Have a seat and try out a book!

A good section of books to have in Colorado.  

A portion of the children's section.  

Another place to try out a book.  

The roof of log timbers you can see when inside the bookstore.  

Cooking books displayed on a stove that is part of the original log cabin.  

If there are too many tourists to enter from the front sidewalk, go around back and enter through here.  

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