Sunday, July 13, 2014

University Bookstore - Seattle, WA

University Bookstore - Seattle, WA

This bookstore brought back bad memories.  1982 Rose Bowl, Huskies 28 Hawkeyes 0.  1991 Rose Bowl, Huskies 46 Hawkeyes 34.  This bookstore is all University of Washington.  I'm a University of Iowa Hawkeye alumni and fan.  I do not have any fond memories of the University of Washington.  So I took a big breath, exhaled, entered, embraced the purple haze, set aside my discomforts, and proceeded in to enjoy a wonderful independent bookstore.

This is another great indie to vist although I would say it is rather atypical of most indies.  Because it is in a college town and area it has to be more than just books for its customers, many of whom are students.  I mean, after all, this place doesn't have any cats running around but it does have a wonderful make-up counter.  So Husky fans, come in to try the latest mascaras and read a book while you're at it (ladies, is this even possible?! #clueless).

If you've never visited a bookstore in a college town, put it on your list.  Make it a point to visit the campus bookstore of your favorite college team.  You will love it.  These places are a modern day general store.  They offer just about everything, an important characteristic for any store with a customer base largely made up of students.  You can also get anything Husky, UW, or purple here.  If purple is your favorite color, you'll be in heaven.  If you're a Husky fan, this place is your mecca and you are required to visit.

And this place has books.  Two levels of books, new and used.  The buy-back program includes not only text books but books of general interest.  There is a fantastic area for book readings located on the 2nd level.  Also, a great cafe for a latte and free wifi.  I was worried about parking but they have a huge lot in back with plenty of spaces.

Mark Mauser is the manager and he was gracious to visit with me while I was there.  One of the best things about my journey is getting to meet people like Mark.  He shared some great info about other indies, books, bookstore owners, and the area.  He's well aware of the challenges his store faces as the delivery of printed content evolves and changes.  He was great to visit with so I'm optimistic that he can stay a step ahead.

Since this indie doesn't have a cat roaming the store, maybe they should consider a Husky?  Husky fans, get to this place.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion.  Loving it.

JUST FINISHED:  A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip, Keven Brockmeier.  A memoir of 7th grade. Gets lots of high marks from local booksellers.  Will appeal to teacher types, especially of middle-schoolers.  I liked it but thought it lacked some cohesiveness.  3 stars.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Boys In The Boat, Daniel James Brown.  The Bartender's Tale, Ivan Doig.  Doig wrote the essay about the University Bookstore in My Bookstore.

Another outside view of the University Bookstore.  
View of the main floor.  Observant readers may notice a rare glimpse of a celebrity reader in the center of the picture (my mom!).  
This area up on the 2nd floor gets lots of traffic in a campus bookstore.  

A great area on the 2nd floor for book readings.  

Advance into that room beyond for all things Husky and all things purple.  

This is that room beyond.  

I was unable to find any Hawkeye or University of Iowa souvenirs in this store!  

What does this indie have that none of the others do?  A wonderful make-up counter!   

One of the managers, Mark M.  

Yours truly and Mark M.  Another indie visit in the books!  


  1. Did you sing them the HMB version of the Washington fight song? :-) "Bow wow Washington......."

  2. Gosh, I don't know the HMB version to this one! Probably just as well!


  3. Should have worn a Hawkeye shirt!

  4. I'm trying to maintain some impartiality in these places in order to stay on their good side! Thanks for following! Bob