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Eagle Harbor Book Co. - Bainbridge Island, WA

Eagle Harbor Book Co. - Bainbridge Island, WA

Is it possible for a place to be cool, quaint, and hip?  I'm not talking about Eagle Harbor Books, I'm talking about Bainbridge Island!  Ok, ok, Eagle Harbor Books is also pretty cool, quaint, and hip so it fits in perfectly here.  Somewhere out there in the blogosphere you should be able to find a travel blog article about Bainbridge Island.  When you do, this place will become a destination for you.  But I'm going to make it a destination for you anyway because you have to go to Eagle Harbor Books.

You can't drive here so take the ferry over from Seattle.  If you don't have to drive, walk on because it is much cheaper and you can easily walk when you reach the island to Eagle Harbor Books.  This place has the perfect location, on an island and no competition.  The only show in town as far as book stores are concerned.  Because of that, this place does a great business with local community support and also good business with tourists since the island is such an attractive destination.  If you live on Bainbridge Island and haven't been been to Eagle Harbor Books, shame on you!

I can see why this store probably has a great and devoted following of regulars.  Brightly lit, lots of staff picks, lots of local authors and regional subjects.  Comfy looking chairs to sit in and try out a book.  I'm always glad when I see this.  The children's section looks fantastic and if I were 7 years old I wouldn't want to leave there.  They have used books downstairs but I didn't get to see that area while I was there because it was closed.  The store is very active with book readings and events.  This is clearly displayed on their calendar of events schedule.  In addition to all the recent publications, you can pick up a magazine, a greeting card, or any number of miscellaneous bookstore type items.

I'm so fortunate with my many visits to meet many wonderful people along the way.  Tim, the co-owner, and his staff were great to talk to.  Tim has a background working with a large chain corporate bookseller but saw the light and came to this indie on Bainbridge Island.  He told me that he won't repeat the mistakes of the large corporation.  Say amen, everybody!  I didn't get to meet René but it is easy to see that Eagle Harbor Books is in great hands with these two and their super staff.  Kudos to you, Eagle Harbor.

What else?  Don't pass up a stop at the Blackbird Bakery located diagonally across the street.  And after that?  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  All The Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr.  Recommended.  Worth the 500 pages.  Fiction, WWII, but NOT your typical WWII novel.  Really enjoyed it.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat, Edward Kelsey Moore.  Liking it.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Dear Leader, Jang Jin-Sung.  Non-fiction.  Looks good.

View as I approach Eagle Harbor Books.  If you could see behind me you'd see the Blackbird Bakery.  

Right this way, follow the arrows!

View to my left from front of store.  

View to the rear of the store.  

Great seats to try out a book. 

Lots of sailing books.  This store is on an island.  Do the math.  

Great section of local authors and interests.  

Super display of staff picks.  

Co-owner Tim with My Bookstore, the guidebook for my journey.  

A frog (not a cat), surrounded by comfy chairs.  

A great children's section.  

Large poster size book covers are all around the store.  

Tim and yours truly.  

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