Friday, February 21, 2014

Greenlight Bookstore - Brooklyn, NY

When you go to Brooklyn to visit some of these independent bookstores (and if you live out east you must go!) there really is a vibrant feel to the literary scene.  You can just tell there is a lot going on.  The authors are out there, the schools, the readership, the interest.  One of the ways you can tell is that these indies are hosting events all the time.  Authors are always visiting, there are readings of new works, wine and cheese parties, events coordinated with the Brooklyn Public Library.  This is one of the ways indies continue to survive, offering a variety of activities.

The Greenlight is another one of those great indies.  Medium sized, great inventory, and the kind of place you could park yourself for half a day and get absorbed in all they have on the shelves!  I visited on a Sunday and the danger with that is you might not get to meet the owner.  I was disappointed to miss the owner but the trade-off was that I met two wonderful people who were welcoming and very impressed when I told them that I came all the way from Iowa just to see their bookstore.  This is another common theme with all the indies; a super staff, friendly, knowledgeable, and anxious to talk about books.  People, when you go to these places talk to the staff.  They love to talk about their favorite books!  I could just kick myself that I didn't get more pictures but that will change as I visit more indies and continue down the line with this blog.

The people at these places always have a favorite or two to recommend.  Here at Greenlight it was, Safe As Houses, by Marie-Helene Bertino.  Haven't read it yet so can't comment but the book was published by the University of Iowa Press and won the Iowa Short Fiction Award.  The author lives in Brooklyn.  And I went all the way there to buy it.  And it's autographed.  I better move it to the top of my "unread" pile!  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir!

  1. the worlds sweetest man just stopped in from Iowa, on a national see-all-the-indy-bookstores-he-can tour. sold him SAH by !

...and I made Twitter again.

CURRENTLY READING: The Naked and The Dead, Norman Mailer.  WWII.  So far so good.
JUST FINISHED:  Other Voices, Other Rooms, Truman Capote.  His first published novel.  Gets great reviews but I think it's overrated.  But hey, a lot of people like it.  2 stars.  

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