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Downbound Books - Cincinnati, OH


Downbound Books, Cincinnati, OH

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I've had my eyes on this bookstore and been following them ever since they opened in October of 2019.  I was attracted to every picture I saw of the building.  A solid brick, historic building on a neighborhood corner with a very distinctive green color.  So what was once a corner neighborhood bar became a corner neighborhood bookstore bringing a new and once missing business to this Northside neighborhood district of Cincinnati.   

As attracted as I was to the exterior, the interior had a freshness and sparkle equally attractive in a new bookstore.  This neat interior offers all new books, nicely arranged in a small, one-level space.  Additionally, Downbound offers a few sidelines including many puzzles, greeting cards, and journals to name a few.  As with other indies, the puzzles sold exceptionally well during the pandemic.  I think their corner location is outstanding, a true neighborhood bookstore.  But they are only one block away from the very busy business district on Hamilton Ave so shoppers can easily visit here if they're in this area.  I also think they're poised for a big jump in business thanks to the new construction apartments for LGBTQ seniors right across the street.  

I don't know if owner Greg K. envisioned an expanding customer base with the new large apartment complex but I think he must have a knack for foresight.  The store opened right before the pandemic hit and bookstores certainly didn't know what was coming.  Thankfully, Greg set up their sales system to accommodate online sales without knowing the importance of this during the pandemic.  I didn't get to meet Greg during my visit but clearly he has a vision and talent required for a successful bookstore.  You'll see it when you visit this store.  

Even though I didn't get to meet Greg, it was my good fortune to meet Sarah who was well-equipped to answer book questions.  Thanks to her two kids, she was equally conversant in children's books as well as adult.  In short, a darn good bookseller.

Some of you may not know about Downbound since it's fairly new.  If you're in Cincinnati, take time to visit this newbie and enjoy a new presence in the Cincinnati bookstore scene.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  The House In The Cerulean Sea, TJ Klune.  Fantasy fiction about an island orphanage of magical children, each one with their own unique "magic".  A gnome, a sprite, a shifter who occasionally changes from a boy into a Pomeranian to name a few.  A lonely case worker named Linus from the city is sent to the island to see that the children are properly cared for and learns way more than he ever dreamed.  Popular book that is heartbreaking and heartwarming.  LOTS of teaching lessons in this book and I think it would be a good one for high school level, unless it's banned.  I've noticed this one recommended by many booksellers.  I liked it even though this isn't my usual cup of tea. 

CURRENTLY READING:  Address Unknown, Kathrine Kressmann Taylor. 

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  How The Word Is Passed, Clint Smith. 

Historic storefront on a visible corner location.  The Pepsi sign is a remnant of the building's past when this space was a bar. 

Neatly arranged display window. 

The store has two large display windows. 

Looking to the left from the front entrance. 

View looking to the right from the store's entrance. 

Looking straight ahead from the front door. 

Immediately to the left inside the store you'll find the children's section, including a great place to sit and share a book. 

Independent bookstores do a super job promoting social causes in their communities. 

Like many other indies, the stores' puzzles sold well during the shutdown and continue to do so. 

Yes, they have notebooks, but what I like about this is the excellent use of space.  This drawer pulls out from the center display table allowing for extra storage. 

Creative interior decorating. 

A few of the greeting cards available. 

Looking for a republished classic?  Find this display near the back of the store. 

Just inside the store and to the right, a great place to sample a book. 

Show your state pride!

Overview of this beautiful space looking from the back toward the front entrance. 

With Sarah, the fine bookseller at Downbound Books.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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