Friday, June 4, 2021

Phoenix Books - Burlington, VT

Phoenix Books, Burlington, VT

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And from the ashes shall arise a Phoenix (or something like that).  A series of Vermont bookstore closures, unsatisfactory store spaces, and other circumstances have led owners Mike and Renee to this place in time, rising from those bookstore ashes to become Phoenix Books in Burlington, VT.  This is one of a 3-store independent chain of Phoenix Books.  The other two are in nearby Essex and Rutland.  To me, this would appear to be an award-winning bookstore, and it is, having won many annual local awards as well as being a recent nominee for the American Booksellers Association bookstore of the year.  This is a big deal.  You'll understand this distinction when you visit here.

This Phoenix Books has been in its current location for almost 10 years, conveniently located in downtown Burlington near the ped mall area, a great location.  As with many other bookstores I've visited, they not only survived the pandemic but they thrived.  Their e-commerce orders started at a trickle and then exploded.  The good news is that even though they're open for in-store shopping, the e-commerce orders have continued to be strong.  From the ashes of the pandemic, a business has persevered.  Kudos to you Phoenix and Burlington.  

This place has it all.  A large multiple-floored store offering all new books and ample sidelines.  As store manager Tod told me, these are an important part of the business.  Everything from bookstore

As if those 5 extra books you bought weren't impulse buys, this little display will be waiting to greet your next impulse when you check out. 

socks, greeting cards, games, stationery, to most importanly, Vermont chocolates.  Don't forget to visit the bargain books in the basement.  I thought they had a good assortment of books at good prices.  This area is also a GREAT space for their store events whenever they resume.  And of course, the store offers lots of books of local interest and local authors.

But best of all, were the fantastic people on staff here.  Christy, Riley, Sofie, Tod, and all the rest were all so fun to meet and talk to.  This is your bookstore experience, readers.  I don't know who's doing the hiring here but they're doing a great job.  My snapshot of everyone was super.

It's almost tourist season so when your tour bus stops in downtown Burlington, beat your path to Phoenix Books.  You'll enjoy everything about your visit.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  Squeeze Me, Carl Hiaasen. 

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Little Local Vermont Cookbook, Melissa Pasanen.  The Free, Willy Vlautin.  Not purchased, but gifted, an Audio Books Libro.FM t-shirt.  Thanks Tod. 


Beautiful storefront. 
Attractive exterior display windows. 

View looking into the store from the Bank St. entrance. 


View looking to the right from the entrance. 


New fiction table display prominently positioned. 


On the left wall after entering, check out this display of new fiction and non-fiction. 


New paperback releases just inside the front entrance. 


Practical section of maps and guidebooks for tourists and explorers, 


Just a few of the books of local interest. 


Great display of staff picks.  Also notice staff picks throughout the store wherever you see the shelf-talkers. 


Popular journals. 
You're going to need some wrapping paper to wrap those gifts you get. 
Some of us love seeing a wall of books, others enjoy a wall of greeting cards. 
You'll enjoy the variety of stationery offered here. 
Just a few of the books by local authors. 


Find a variety of art supplies on the upper level. 


One of the book aisles on the upper level.  This store will give you much to explore. 
An overview of the upper level. 
I love this picture.  A partial overview of the main floor from the upper level. 
Relevant display for the summer season.  Do your thing, shoppers!


An overview of the spacious children's section. 
When you're in the children's section, take time to check out the beautiful wall mural. 
You might not find Sherpa sidelines in Florida but you'll find them in Vermont. 
Overview looking into the Bargain Basement.  Don't miss this level.  I thought there were some good books here at super prices. 
Looking at the events space in the basement.  Great flexibility for use here. 


This store has many excellent table displays.  If you still need a graduation gift, ALWAYS consider an independent bookstore. 

This Phoenix Books logo behind the checkout counter is awesome.  Draped around it are the store's many award-winning banners. 


With Tod on the right, the fine store manager at Phoenix Books in Burlington.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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