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The Irreverent Bookworm - Minneapolis, MN

The Irreverent Bookworm, Minneapolis, MN
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The fun thing for me when visiting new bookstores is to see the personality of the owners and their ideas for the store.  Obviously, no two are the same and usually when visiting new stores you expect to see, well, new.  That wasn't the plan though for new owners Meg and Donovan N. at The Irreverent Bookworm.  As Meg told me, they were shooting for old, like they'd been around for 30 years.  I felt like the space was very historical with antique furnishings, fixtures, and decor.  And since the building is about 100 years old, that helped too.  So Meg and Donovan have pulled off this wonderfully historical, comfortable bookstore vibe, an experience that was enhanced by the soft classical music in the background (I could've easily melted into one of the over-stuffed chairs with my book, pretending to read with my eyes closed!).  Now here's a little secret.  This bookstore isn't old at all.  It's only one month old!  While most of us do anything we can to look younger, this place tried to look older.  Well done, Meg and Donovan.

The Irreverent Bookworm is your prototypical neighborhood bookstore that already enjoys many regulars after only a month.  The store's inventory of books is 90% used and 10% new.  Keep in mind that like many other indies, they can order anything for you that they don't have.  They acquire their used books from book sales and from customers who simply donate books.  If the customers bring in books for trade they can receive store credit.  Know that they have all of their used books on a data base and know exactly what they stock.  In their short month of existence, they already host events for poetry, writer's club, book club, and even occasional live music.  I thought the children's room was absolutely darling and the local neighborhood should be watching for when the store will be offering a story time.  I especially enjoyed all the great comfortable seating throughout the store as well as the open browsing space, something not always available inside book stores.  I don't know how the store could be any more inviting and open to leisurely browsing.

I had a terrific time meeting Meg and she has a bright personality that will continue to attract customers to this fine indie.  If you're in the neighborhood and close to the intersection of Bloomington and E 52nd St, stop in and visit this new bookstore with a relaxing and comfortable old school feel.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt.  I finally finished this 700+ page behemoth.  I don't have anything against big books but this one was too much.  Edit this thing down and I think its 5 stars.  In the words of one of my faithful followers, Lorrie C., it was tedious.  13-year old Theo is at a museum with his mother when an explosion kills her, leaving him orphaned save for a missing and non-involved father.  This is the beginning of a journey that takes Theo across the country and overseas to Europe in search of something.  He has little moral compass and his life is often rudderless.  For me, this book was more work than enjoyment.  But I know many who give this one two thumbs up.  

CURRENTLY READING:  The River, Peter Heller.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Remains Of The Day, Kazuo Ishiguro.  Code Talkers: A Novel About The Navajo Marnes of WWII, Joseph Bruchac.

Wonderful storefront on a corner location.  

The store has lots of window display space on both sides.  Creative seasonal display.  

My only disappointment is that I didn't see any on my visit.  :(

No worries.  I heard he doesn't read.  

View looking into the store from the front entrance.  Frequent readers may recognize the celebrity enjoying one of the comfortable chairs.  Yes, that's my mom.  

Meg does a wonderful job with creative displays throughout the store.  

Creative and seasonal.  

The long wall of books complete with cobwebs on top of the shelves.  I felt right at home.  

Lots of comfy chairs to sit in and sample a book.  

Snap up one of these treasures before it's shelved.  

Find this table display for new books.  

A few of the sidelines offered include t-shirts and the bookstore tote bag.  

Wake me when the store closes!

Antique chair in excellent shape.  Looks great but I don't think it's as comfy as the one above!

I hear and I obey.  

Another great sitting area toward the back of the store.  

More bookstore swag.  

If you need to lose weight I think this diet is a sure thing.  

A great space for groups or events.  

Partial view of the Groovy Room.  I like it.  

Forget Waldo!  See if you can find J. Alfred on your next visit to The Irreverent Bookworm.  You'll have to search carefully, he's very small.  He lives in the bookstore.  

Partial view of the beautiful children's room.  

Children's room dedication.  Thank you to these women.  

Another partial view of the children's room.  

Tiny chair for a tiny reader.  

View of the store looking from the back toward the front entrance.  

With Meg, the fine co-owner at The Irreverent Bookworm.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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