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Harvey's Tales - Geneva, IL

Harvey's Tales, Geneva, IL
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Finally!  I've found the secret for couples who want to open their own bookstore.  It will be imperative that they have a grown child who is a talented architect (adopt, borrow, or procreate).  It will be helpful if one of the spouses' has a background in something like corporate real estate, enabling contacts in the construction industry.  Throw in a dose of practicality and a large bucket of passion and you have the recipe for a beautiful, new bookstore in Geneva, IL.

I recently discovered this new member of the bookstore world, only 3-months old.  I'm happy to say that they're off to a great start, already seeing regular customers in the store.  Harvey's is inside a renovated 160-year old house and owners Chuck and Roxanne O. are blessed to have a son who is an architect who was able to design a beautiful interior.  Unfortunately, my pictures below won't do it justice.  A lot of thought, effort, and time went into this store and it shows.  I'm noticing these efforts and talents in so many of the new indies I visit.  An absolutely gorgeous space has blossomed inside a two-level store.  Roxanne told me their goal was to have something warm and welcoming.  Mission accomplished.  The main level has an attractive fireplace in the store's center underneath a dazzling chandelier.  To the right is a charming cafe and to the left is the children's area, Hazel's Corner.  Expect to see the store offering a story time soon in this area.

Harvey's Tales offers all new books along with a strong inventory of sidelines.  So far, the quirky bookstore socks and literary-themed scarves have been two of the stronger items.  As with other indies, their sidelines will continue to evolve over time.  They also have their eye on hosting events and that schedule will grow in time as well.  In short, Chuck and Roxanne have done a great job getting this business off the ground and have big plans for the future.

The store is named after their dog, Harvey, who didn't live to see the store open.  But don't despair dog-lovers, they now have 11-month old Hazel who hopefully someday will be a bookstore dog.

If you're in the Geneva area and haven't checked this place out yet, wow, get with it.  This indie is a gem with a bright future and you'll see why when you pay it a visit.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Don't Let Go, Harlan Coben.  If you need a solid mystery that's a page-turner and very readable, I not only recommend this book but anything by this author.  Detective Nap Dumas can't get over the death of his twin brother that happened 15 years ago.  He also can't get over his old girl friend who disappeared at the same time.  But his twin brother wasn't the only death among a group of friends.  Was there a connection?  Very enjoyable read.

CURRENTLY READING:  An Elderly Lady Is Up To No Good, Helene Tursten.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  A butt-kickin' Harvey's Tales t-shirt.  

When you see this sign, you've arrived.  "Other Diversions" is a good way to describe the store's great variety of sidelines.  

View looking into the store from the front entrance.  

Looking to the right, a few steps into the store.  

A few of the greeting cards available.  

These sidelines can be found in the front room near the checkout counter.  

This card-catalog is part of the check out counter and it offers some last-minute impulse buys, placed appropriately at child eye-level.  Well done, Harvey's.  

This pin-cushion doll, the bane of independent bookstores, is tortured on a daily basis.  

The store's namesake.  Harvey, your parents did a good job.  

I love sitting spaces like this, near the front check-out counter.  

Every indie should offer gift cards.  

After entering and walking through the front hallway, this is the view looking to the right into the cafe.  

A fireplace, a chandelier, and a couple of great places to sit and try a book.  Detailed readers may be able to spot the celebrity seated in the left chair.  Yes, that's my mom.  

These literary-themed scarves have sold well since the store's opening.  

Off to the left is Hazel's House, the entrance into the children's area.  Great doorway design.  

Partial view of the children's area.  

Harvey's has a variety of sidelines scattered throughout the store.  

The big wall Scrabble board is in the cafe.  Have a game while you sip your coffee.  

Chuck and Roxanne have done a good job of utilizing every bit of space.  This area is underneath the stairway leading to the 2nd floor.  

Exterior room at the top of the 2nd floor.  

The store is completely accessible with this elevator to the 2nd floor and a ramp at an outside entrance.  

The 2nd floor has several rooms of books making it a very fun floor for browsing.   This room has banned books.  

This 2nd floor room not only includes books but bookstore socks.  You'll find travel books in this room, among other genres.  

Every space utilized.  Back in the day, this was probably a closet.  

Browse into this room for non-fiction.  

My favorite place in the store.  A comfy reading nook on the 2nd floor.  Well-designed and will lit.  

This spacious room houses more non-fiction and is a great meeting place for many book clubs that come here.  

If you're looking for their popular candles, go up to the 2nd floor.

An overview of another room where you'll find the general fiction.  

Visual confirmation.  

I usually don't take pictures of bathroom interiors except when they look this nice.  

An overview of the ground floor looking from the fireplace toward the front entrance.  

These are the fine folks you'll enjoy meeting at Harvey's Tales.  From L-R; Candy, Clare, Roxanne, Chuck, and yours truly.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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