Friday, November 30, 2018

Bliss Books & Bindery - Stillwater, OK

Bliss Books & Bindery, Stillwater, OK
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The bookstore greeter, Bliss.  Oh how I wish Wal-Mart had greeters like this!
Along the course of my journey, I've met a lot of great bookstore dogs (and cats, chickens, ferrets, hamsters, various birds, and fish to name just a few).  But you know the bookstore dog is special if the store is named after her.  In this case, the dog and the store both have the perfect name, Bliss.  The bliss of a wonderful bookstore and the bliss of a lovable pet.  I was welcomed by both the store and the pet after walking through the front door.  Man, if you have a blood pressure problem this is your remedy.  One of the kindest and friendliest dogs you could hope to meet inside a beautiful new bookstore offering a healthy inventory of new and used books, sure to lower the blood pressure and dissolve your stress.  Bliss no matter how you slice it!

My visit here was timed perfectly with the one year anniversary of their opening.  Roger who co-owns the business with wife Pat told me that things are sustaining and stable after one year, a good sign.  In addition to the new and used books, you can also find some collectibles and vintage editions.  The store acquires their used inventory in a variety of ways including estate sales, tag sales, library sales, and customers to name just a few.  But as Roger told me, they are fussy about what they take and the books must be in good condition.  They offer customers store credit towards used book purchases like many other indies.

Bliss (the store, not the dog!), has a great  location on 9th Ave surrounded by many other businesses.  They have a great neighbor, Balanced Coffee Co, that's beneficial for both businesses.  This location is great for foot traffic but as with many other new bookstores, local customers are still finding out about it (Good gawd, Stillwater, wake up.  This place is awesome!).  The university, Oklahoma St. has a writing program so the store has seen customers from that community as well as the university community as a whole.  You'll see some sidelines here including greeting cards, socks, and locally crafted jewelry.  You'll also find some terrific art pieces created by Cathy S., who is a staffer in the store.

Roger and Cathy were fantastic to meet and visit with but regular readers know I'm a sucker for bookstore dogs like Bliss.  Either way you'll have a wonderful time with the bi-peds or Bliss when you visit this store which is sure to become a Stillwater attraction.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Wintering, Peter Geye.  Story of a father and son in remote northern Minnesota.  The elderly father vanishes into the woodlands and is never seen again.  But it recalls to mind a trip that he took with his son years earlier into the northern borderlands which turned into an adventure of survival during the winter.  Lots of tragic family history is revealed and a nemesis town bully that is a problem for all.

CURRENTLY READING:  People Of The Book, Geraldine Brooks.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Let It Bang: A Young Black Man's Reluctant Odyssey Into Guns, R. J. Young.  A Bliss Books t-shirt.

This is the stand that displays the "open" flag outside of the store.  The bizarre question that goes through my bizarre mind is, what happens if one of the books I'm looking for is in the stand?!

Start browsing the bargains before you enter the store.  

Do not be alarmed and do not be afraid.   Even if you don't like dogs, Bliss is a teddy bear who welcomes all to the store.  

Another beautiful exterior view.  

View looking straight into the store from the front entrance.  

Please.  My pile is deep enough!

A wonderful wall display of new books just inside the front door.  

A few items of local and regional interest.  

Another look at the attractive wall display inside the front entrance.  

A few of the journals and calendars available.  

A great way to promote sidelines; gifts and curiosities.  

A nice display of children's books.  

A really great place to sit and try out a few books.  

Or you can relax here with a book.  

A partial view of the children's section.  

Overview of this beautiful store looking from the rear toward the front entrance.  

If you can't find ONE book on these shelves, you're not trying!

The holiday season is right around the corner.  

Most indies champion some super social causes.  

Some quirky bookstore socks.  

Part of Roger's book binding equipment.  If you have a treasured book that needs some repair, you should stop in and inquire.  

This is the corner business right next to Bliss, Balanced Coffee.  You'll enjoy lounging here after you buy your books at Bliss.  

With Roger on the left, the fine co-owner at Bliss Books & Bindery.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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