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Coffeetree Books - Morehead, KY

Coffeetree Books, Morehead, KY
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Morehead, KY is a town of approximately 7000, it is the home of Morehead State University, a growing medical center, and a gem of a bookstore and coffee shop located on Main St. in the center of town.  This is the rock star though in Morehead, this is the beacon, and this is an established multi-purpose business that, it would seem to me, everyone here must know about.  And after meeting Melissa, one of the booksellers, I know that the community totally supports and embraces this remarkable business.  So impressive in a town this size when other communities much larger have nothing at all.  Congrats Morehead!

I've seen bookstores in buildings that have been many different things in previous lives.  I've found bookstores in former churches, schools, fire stations, banks, fitness clubs, funeral homes, live theaters, gyms, and now an old movie theater.  And when you see this space you'll notice the movie theater interior effects everywhere.  Coffeetree partners with The Fuzzy Duck coffeeshop and this is what you'll see when you enter.  This is the former theater lobby and concession stand area.  But follow the sign to the bookstore (formerly the theater entrance) and you'll enter the large-roomed former movie house, now bookstore.  Walking into this I felt like I was entering the technicolor portion of the movie, The Wizard Of Oz.  A large, expansive space that when you take out the theater seats gives you room for everything, not to mention a built-in events area with the movie screen stage.

There is so much here that I can't even begin to list it all.  A great inventory of new books, a wonderful children's section that includes a weekly story time with Melissa and also offers lots of toys and games.  Locally made mugs, pottery, t-shirts, socks, yarn and knitting accessories, greeting cards (of course) and nose pencil sharpeners.  They also have a great partnership with a few of the schools and are able to do book fairs AND provide coffee.  Every local school district should take advantage of this.  Do you see why this is a shining star in Morehead?!

I didn't get to meet co-owners Susan and Grant but what a great time I had meeting Melissa and talking to her about the store and the town, something I always appreciate at my bookstore visits.

Travelers, check this place out but make sure you allow plenty of time to see everything Coffeetree Books has to offer.  Morehead, you already have.  Keep it up!  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  Juniper: The Girl Who Was Born Too Soon, Kelley and Thomas French.  

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  A Coffeetree Books t-shirt.  

This is the concession stand/lobby area of the former movie theater that is now Fuzzy Duck Coffeeshop, looking to the right from the front entrance.  

After getting your coffee, follow this sign to the bookstore in the former theater.  

Looking into the bookstore after walking through the hallway from the front coffeeshop.  Notice the hanging blue theater curtains and speakers on the side and notice the white movie screen in the front.  

A few steps into the store and looking to the left.  The curtains and speakers are on that far wall as well.  

Indie Next List featured books on display.  

Display of staff favorites.  

Bestseller display.  

See what some of the local reading groups are reading.  

A great and unique buy for those so inclined!

Lots of wonderful sidelines created by local artists.  

Locally produced honey.  

There are lots of places to sit in this store.  Some of the chairs have tables and students from Morehead State frequent the store for study time.  

In front of the movie screen is a great stage for author events and guest speakers.  

A partial view of the children's section, located in the back of the store, or in front of the silver screen.  

Another great area of chairs and tables.  

Buy your yarn and your knitting needles, then sit down at a table and start knitting with a local knitting club.  

Lots of yarn and accessories.  

You'll need these to knit.  

Display of books made into movies.  

True at every independent bookstore.  

A good assortment of games.  Kids will find lots of fun things here. 

A few of the greeting cards available.  

Doesn't everyone need one of these?

Non-matching socks, not that we can't manage this on our own!  

The long wall of books.  

Lots of different chimes.  

View from the movie screen back toward the front of the store.  

Consider if you need these for Halloween.  
With Melissa, one of the fine booksellers at Coffeetree Books.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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