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The Ivy Bookshop - Baltimore, MD

The Ivy Bookshop, Baltimore, MD
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I'm aware that many people may have misconceptions about what it's like to be a bookstore owner.  Many may think that these people while away their days discussing high literature (something NOT found in this blog, by the way), reading books, petting the cat, and sipping coffee.  But readers, I must tell you it isn't as glamorous as all this.  In fact, did you know that many indie owners are required to take out their own garbage and recycling?  I offer to you photographic evidence of this very thing.  As Ann B., one of the co-owners told me, I had an experience only available at an independent bookstore; helping to take out the garbage.  Another Indie Bob first!  You can't do this on Amazon.
Proof positive that indie owners don't just read books and pet cats.  That's Ann backing out the front door with the garbage. . 
Taking out the garbage and recycling was a great way for me to enjoy a nice visit with Ann.  She and husband Ed have been the owners now for 5 years and just recently have added a new business partner and co-owner, Emma S.  These folks are the 2nd ownership group and the store is enjoying a good run since opening in 2001.

When you walk into The Ivy Bookshop located in the Lake Falls Village shopping plaza, you're going to be immersed in a very bright and truly beautiful bookstore.  This one-level space is very neatly organized and arranged and I thought the decorative nuances around the store showed good thought and creativity.  They offer all new books and just a few sidelines including a variety of greeting cards, reading glasses, and warm socks for your feet for winter reading.  Ann told me that events are huge for the store, held on-site or any of several off-site locations.  They're also the main vendor for the annual Baltimore Book Fest and enjoy partnerships with some of the nearby schools.  The store is well-curated but especially so in the children's section which takes up one quarter of the store.  This indie enjoys a great location in an area where the local customers are well-educated and value the presence of an independent bookstore.  

But the best part of my visits are meeting people like Ann, Emma, Emily, and all the staffers I got to talk to on this day.  As I told Shirley, one of the staffers, I could spend hours in this store and if you would annex bedrooms it would be even better!

After visiting here, I can confidently say this is a gem in Baltimore.  If you have't heard of it or haven't visited, check it out.  You'll enter an atmosphere that you won't want to rush away from.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.  

JUST FINISHED:  The Risen, Ron Rash.  If you're not familiar with Ron Rash you're probably not from the south.  He is a prolific author and this is the 2nd one of his books I've read.  Story of two brothers who meet a girl in their hometown in North Carolina who is visiting for the summer.  The brothers' lives take them in different directions but there is a dark secret about the girl, the summer of her visit, and their relationships.  If you've never read any Ron Rash, I certainly recommend this one.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Hearts Of Men, Nickolas Butler. 

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Small Mercies, Eddie Joyce.  

It will be easier to find the bookstore if you just look for this land mark.  

A wonderful front window display.  

Many bookstores are recognized award-winners, just like The Ivy Bookshop.  Way to go Ivy!

View looking straight into the store from the front entrance.  

View looking to the left of the front entrance and a partial view of the check-out counter where you'll buy your books!

If you break your readers like I do, you'll appreciate this display.  

A few of the greeting cards available.  

I love this display table and the drawers underneath.  

A nice display of new releases.  

A long line of bookshelves gives a customer much to ponder.  

Partial view of the children's section.  

A lot of thought has gone into the store's children's section and it shows.  

A table display for summer.  Find a beach read here.  

Some of the non-book items kids will enjoy.  

An overview of the store.  

Two very comfy chairs to sample a book.  

With Ann on the right and Emma in the middle.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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