Friday, February 3, 2017

A Page In The Sun, Café & Libros - Puerta Vallarata, Jalisco, Mexico

A Page In The Sun, Café & Libros, Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
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This journey I'm on began as an attempt to recognize the many fine independent bookstores around the United States but regular readers of The Indie Bob Spot know that this project has grown to include some of the wonderful indies in Canada and Mexico.  So, while many of my midwestern friends and bookstores are enduring snow, ice, and cold I decided it was time to visit another Mexico bookstore.  This is the 3rd indie I've visited in Mexico and I couldn't have had a better time in the store and with the great people there.  It doesn't matter what country the bookstore is located in, the people you meet at these places are always the best.

A Page In The Sun is on an impressive run of 25 years in business, the last 5 years in its current location across from Zapata Park in downtown Puerta Vallarta.  In my opinion, it is an outstanding location for tourists and snowbirds.  They also get a good influx of customers who visit from Guadalajara and Mexico City.  Lindsey, who co-owns the store along with her sister Gaby, told me that they're always trying to increase readership with the local population.  The challenge with that is that books written in Spanish are quite expensive which doesn't make reading easily accessible for Spanish readers.  However, the book store carries a good inventory of used books in French and English and I can assure Americans and others that you'll find lots of books written in English to choose from.  There are also a few new books here written by local authors.

One of the best things about A Page In The Sun is their wonderful cafe where you can enjoy a beverage and something light to eat.  Lindsey's husband does all the baking from scratch including cakes, granola, breads, and cinnamon rolls just to name a few, and two of my eye-witnesses said the cinnamon rolls were outstanding (every indie cafe should have their own baker on staff!).  The cafe has indoor and outdoor seating and is a huge draw for customers. They don't have the usual non-book items but do hold occasional author signings right in the store.

For all the Americans and Canadians who stubbornly endure brutal winters, get over it.  Escape your weather to Puerta Vallarta and know that when you do, you can still enjoy a terrific bookstore and cafe experience at A Page In The Sun.  Ir a un indie y comparer un libra.  Buenos tardes.

JUST FINISHED:  A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness.  A book for children or middle readers.  I won't spoil the ending but I thought it was a little dark and depressing, especially by the end.

CURRENTLY READING:  Norwegian By Night, Derek B. Miller.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Nothing, it was gifted by Lindsey.  Bastard Out Of Carolina, Dorothy Allison.  Mexican espresso coffee.  Thank you Lindsey.

View of the street outside the store.  I would advise against driving here.  Walk, bus, or taxi would be best.  

A year-round outside seating area.  

View looking to the right from the front entrance.  

View looking through the store from the front entrance with the cafe in the foreground.  

Lots of coffee varieties to choose from and take home with you.  

Some of the items at the cafe.  The cakes are made from scratch by Lindsey's husband.  

Some of the day's specials.  Don't know Spanish?  Point and order or ask.  Everyone here is very friendly and they will help you.  

Lots of options in the cafe.  

View looking through the store, front to back.  

There are LOTS of great places to sit here, inside and outside.  

Amazon doesn't have these.    

A portion of the books available written in French.  

In any language, in any country, nothing like seeing a nice wall of books. 

Grab a seat, a cappuccino, and a book.  

View looking from the back of the bookstore toward the front.  

You'll find a few new books here by local authors.  

With Lindsey, one of the fine co-owners at A Page In The Sun.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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