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Libreria Sayulita - Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Libreria Sayulita - Sayulita Nayarit, Mexico
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This entry is a courtesy to all the long-suffering, winter-enduring friends who are forced to tolerate snow, ice, and wind chills wherever you live.  Yes, this blog is about independent bookstores in the United States, however, this entry is about a bookstore in Mexico and could easily morph into a travel blog entry.  I try to plan my bookstore visits strategically; in the winter go south and west, in the summer east and north.  So this visit I take to the extreme and go to Mexico.  Beautiful weather in a wonderful Mexican town on the coast and an independent bookstore with terrific people.  The best of EVERYTHING!

Libreria Sayulita (The Bookstore Of Sayulita) is located in a small Mexican coastal town on the Pacific side.  There is a lot to see and do in this perfectly delightful town, including visiting an independent bookstore.  This store shares many characteristics with the bookstores in the US.  This is a one-level, multi-room store offering mostly used books.  They have a small cafe right at the front of the store, featuring Julia's coffee (highly recommended!).  It's organic and Julia brings it in from only 90 minutes away.  Local and independent, all the way!  You can also hook up to wi-fi here, making this bookstore a perfect stop.  You won't find sidelines here but you will find some good local art work, including some paintings by Ed R., co-owner of Libreria Sayulita along with his wife, Nancy R.

There's no way Ed and Nancy could make it just on this bookstore.  As Nancy says, the bookstore is their "beans and salsa" money.  Their primary revenue source are their loft apartment rentals located above the bookstore.  There are a variety of options for getting here including a taxi or a bus, available from Puerta Vallarata, Bucerias, or any of the coastal resorts.  The bus will be the cheapest and I would discourage driving a car here.  Leave the driving to somebody else.  Once you're in Sayulita, you can walk around town or rent a golf cart to drive.

But as with so many of my visits, the people I met were just the best.  Nancy R. and Maria, one of the employees, could not have been nicer.  Nancy and Ed are here from November - May and then return to Edmonton, Alberta.  But thanks to Maria, they can keep the store open year round since she stays in Sayulita.  The store has been going for about 8 years now and its supported by a variety of customers including locals, tourists, ex-pats, surfers, and others.

But you don't have to just read in Sayulita.  The beach is only two blocks away so grab your book, your surf board, and have at it.  Reserve a rental above the bookstore and I don't know how it could be any better.  If I disappear during the winter months, someone check here.  You might bump into me.  Plan a vacation to this nice town and enjoy some time at the independent bookstore you'll find there.  Ir a un indie y comprar un libro.  Buena tarde.

JUST FINISHED:  My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry, Fredrik Backman.  By the same author who wrote, A Man Called Ove.  If you liked Ove, I think you'll like this.  I like the characters in this book, especially Granny and her granddaughter Elsa.  They have a special relationship and march to their own drummer.  Both are rather feisty.  If you read Ove, he and granny would make a good match.

CURRENTLY READING:  Room, Emma Donoghue.

Just outside the entrance.  

Translation:  Books are food for the mind.  Bon Appetit!

A portion of the cafe located right outside to the right of the entrance.  

View stepping into the bookstore.  Some of you may recognize the Indie Bob Spot graphic artist, copy editor, and travel administrator in the foreground right, Cheryl M.  

If it's a rainy day in Sayulita, this is where you'll find the  kids.  

Another room within the store.  

The store sells mostly books in English, but you can find books in Spanish as well.  

You can stay in one of these loft apartments located above the bookstore.  

Some of the magazines available.  

A great place to spend some time in a bookstore.  

Hang out with some friends and start a book club.  

Much of the art on the walls is by Ed, one of the co-owners.  

The only way the coffee would be any fresher here is if they grew it right in the store!  

You can't go wrong if you see this sign, a win-win!

With Nancy on the left and Maria in the center.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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