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The Family Bookshop - Deland, FL

The Family Bookshop - Deland, FL

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There are three independent bookstores in Deland, Florida and now I've been to two of them.  I visited The Muse Bookstore in March of 2014.  How does a town of approximately 27,000 support three indies when towns that are much larger are lucky to have one?  There are lots of reasons but here at The Family Bookshop it starts with Cindy R., the owner, and her fine staff of booksellers including Scott and Lori.

This place has been around for awhile (20+ years) so it is established and the community is well aware of its existence.  It's a one-level bookstore, but oh, what a one level!  You'll find new and used books here, but predominantly used.  The store has a very active book buy-back program and customers receive store credits for their returns.  Scott told me that a slow day is when they get 1000 used books a day.  The turnover is high so the used books aren't on inventory but the booksellers have a great mental inventory of the store contents (I think most booksellers are like this).  They also have a good assortment of collectable and vintage books.  After talking with the staff, I'm fairly sure this store is in the top 5 in the state of Florida in terms of number of books.  The store reminds me a little bit of  Dean's Half-Price Books in Topeka, KS.

The customer base here is largely local and there is also some good tourist traffic, including tourist regulars who visit the store on an annual basis.  They also get a good business bump during the annual bike week in Daytona each spring.  If you would like to patronize this indie but can't get here, take advantage of their online sales, available on their website  The Family Bookshop.  If you can get here, you'll meet some great booksellers who offer terrific customer service, an indie trademark.  There are so many books here that if you can't find one, you aren't trying!

Cindy shared with me that, similar to other indies, they're barely hanging on.  Able to meet the bills but that's about it.  There are very few sidelines here, so the books are the thing.  The staff has a variety of reading interests so you'll easily be able to find someone to recommend a book you'll like.

What else?  Two cats!  There's absolutely no reason for cat-loving readers NOT to visit this wonderful bookstore!  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Displacement, Lucy Knisley.  Loved it!  Story of a 20something woman who takes her 90something grandparents on a cruise.  Hilarious and heartbreaking.  It's a graphic novel (comic form) and if you've never read a graphic novel this would be a good one to start with.  It's short and a very quick read.  Highly recommended.  Primary Colors, Anonymous.  Couldn't finish.  Maybe I should've tried it 20 years ago when it was hot.  Meh.  Mink River, Brian Doyle.  Couldn't finish this one either.  The author definitely has a unique style and many really enjoy this book.  Didn't work for me.

CURRENTLY READING:  Three Graves Full, Jamie Mason.  Fiction mystery.  Good.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy.  Following Atticus, Tom Ryan.

Another exterior shot.  Lots of free parking here.  

Can't beat a deal like this!  

This door faked me out and I thought it was the entrance.  This tip is my way of saving you some embarrassment!  

Some great bumper sticker sidelines.  

This is only one of the rooms at The Family Bookshop.  This is right inside the entrance.  That's Scott in the foreground, one of the booksellers.  

Great selection of magazines.  

Another view looking through the store and a few more sidelines.  

One of the two cats here!

I think this is a pretty good deal.  $10 for a big bag of books but who knows what they are!  

You'll see this body outline on the floor of the mystery room.  

Two great places to sit and try out a book.  

One of the MANY book aisles.  

This is the sentiment in every indie I visit.  

Why?  Because you'll be buying a lot of books!  

Sidelines for the kids.  

A portion of the children's section.  

View from the back of the first room looking toward the front and the entrance.  

Cindy, the owner, on the left, and Scott, one of the booksellers on the right.  Thanks for a great visit!

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