Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chapter 2 Books - Hudson, WI

Chapter 2 Books - Hudson, WI

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The story of this independent bookstore required two visits.  But both visits weren't to the bookstore.  One was to the bookstore and the other was to Hudson Hight School, home of the Raiders.  How the heck does Indie Bob go to visit a bookstore and end up at a high school?  It's all part of the journey.

Chapter 2 Books is located in a lower-level space, just off the main street through town.  The store has been in this space for about a year because the building of their previous location, on that main street through town, was sold so they had to re-locate.  The good news is that they were able to find a space, the bad news is that the location is no longer on the main street and they're not nearly as visible.  The store is co-owned by Brian and Sue R., husband and wife.  I met Brian in the store and had a great talk with him.  He said that things for Chapter 2 Books are challenging and a lot of it has to do with their new location.  No store front, a lower level space, and a side street location, makes it less likely for a strolling tourist to just wander in and browse.  Fortunately for the community, these two owners are forging ahead and always looking for ways to generate business.

The store offers new and used books as well as a few sidelines.  They are very active with author events and store events which is always good for customer traffic.  Chapter 2 Books offers store credits if they take your used books.  They are also involved with Hudson High School, hosting two book fairs a year.  Involvement in school book fairs and school book orders are a couple of ways the store works to increase business and attract customers.

 I didn't meet Sue at the store during my visit but it just so happened she was hosting a book fair at the high school, so off I went.  Her comments to me were priceless.  After 80 some bookstore visits, I finally met someone who knew of me and what I was doing.  We met and she said, "You're that guy...the guy...the guy who goes to bookstores!"  Then she proceeded to tell me about the involvement at the high school, her hopes to partner with other schools, the business, and other indies.  Sue and Brian were so nice to talk to and even though things are challenging, I think they are the PERFECT people to continue their success in Hudson.

I told Sue that the community is very lucky to have an independent bookstore, since many do not.  Hopefully, someone involved in the Hudson School District will read this entry and realize that a healthy bookstore and healthy school district can complement each other.  Hey Hudson, we have a local business holding a book fair at the high school, let's do it with a local business at the middle school and the elementary schools.  As for the rest of you in the Hudson area, get into this fine independent bookstore and embrace their presence.  If you've never been there, make yourself a regular!  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  In The Shadow Of The Banyan, Vaddey Ratner.  A Cambodian family tries to survive the brutal rule of Khmer Rouge.  Heartbreaking, chilling, and grim.  Loosely based on the author's life.  Highly recommended.

CURRENTLY READING:  Jungleland, Christopher S. Stewart.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Devil's Highway, Luis Alberto Urrea

Enter here and go down the stairs to Chapter 2 Books.  

This is at the top of the stairs so you can't miss it!

Downstairs looking into the store.  

After entering the store and looking to the left.  Some of the more earnest followers may recognize a rare celebrity sighting.  Yes, that's my mom.  

Find your greeting cards here.  

A variety of sidelines.  

A portion of the children's section.  

Some sidelines for the kids.  

A portion of the area devoted to local interests.  

When you visit this store and bring a friend, you can have a seat here to talk about what books you'll be getting!

The store is active with upcoming events.  

Looking the length of the store toward the children's section.  The entrance is about halfway back on the right.  

With Brian, the fine co-owner.  

I saw this sign in Hudson High School and was momentarily distracted.  I felt the pull, but was able to continue onward.  

This is a portion of the book fair area at Hudson High School.  This was a great space and the scheduling of this was perfect since parent/teacher conferences were happening later in the day.  A great way to find new customers!  

With Sue at the book fair.  Thanks for a great visit!


  1. Yeah for independent bookstores!

  2. Thanks for the terrific post about Chapter2Books. It's a wonderful bookstore that supports authors and readers. Sue and Brian have hosted author signings for me at their store. They carry both of my memoirs. I encourage readers to stop in at Chapter2Books whenever they're in Hudson. Great photos by the way.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Diane, and thanks for following. Keep supporting independent bookstores!


  4. Thank you so much Bob. Just in case anyone is a music buff....funny story....I asked Brian who Harold Arlen is who supposedly has an event with us on March 12th because I schedule the events. Brian has had a bad cold which apparently led him to hallucinate that a composer who wrote the soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz and has been dead since 1986 is doing an author event! Brian has NO IDEA why he wrote that!

  5. I know why he wrote that. NyQuil! Keep selling books!