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Carmichael's Bookstore - Louisville, KY

Carmichael's Bookstore - Louisville, KY

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Small but mighty.  Not too small either, just cozy small.  This store has a very comfortable feel to it, like your favorite worn slippers or your favorite old sweater.  Even though it's small, it's packed with a great inventory of books.  You'll need to carve out some time in your schedule when you visit here because this fine indie will grow on you.

There are actually three Carmichael's in the Louisville area so that should be your first clue that this indie is doing well.  I visited the one in the Crescent Hill location which is the one featured in My Bookstore, by Ron Rice.  This store is a one-level business that offers some sidelines including greeting cards, journals, planners, t-shirts, holiday themed items, and other miscellaneous gifts in addition to a lot of great new books.  They have a small children's section here but if you're looking for a larger inventory of children's books I would encourage you to also check out their Carmichael's Kids Bookstore.  This entire store IS the children's section!  The Crescent Hill store holds frequent author and book events, most of them right on site.  If they're expecting a big crowd for a big name author they have some options off-site.  Business here is mostly local and well-supported.  The location is great for foot traffic and there was a steady stream on the day of my visit.  They also have a great relationship with many of the schools and a department specifically for handling that business.

I didn't get to meet the owners on this visit but I did get to meet their daughter, Miranda B., the manager, and Kate, a bookseller.  Both of these ladies were absolutely wonderful to talk to and were so patient to visit with me while conducting a steady business with customers in the store as well as taking many calls.  What a great sign at any indie!  Miranda's parents are the owners and have been successful in the bookstore business since the late 1970s.  From my observations, I see no reason why this success shouldn't continue well into the future.  Louisville, you're lucky!

So when you visit Louisville you have many options.  Carmichael's Crescent Hill location?  Carmichael's Bardstown Road location?  Carmichael's Kids location?  I have your solution, readers.  Of course, you can't play favorites with your children or pick that one favorite book.  Your only choice is to visit all three.  It's only fair.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  The Remedy For Love, Bill Roorbach.  Two people trying to survive the winter storm of the century in a dilapidated cabin in the Maine backwoods.  There was so much snow and cold that I got cold reading it!  Good book but I was frustrated by the ending.  Recommended.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Spinning Heart, Donal Ryan.  Just started.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Sycamore Row, John Grisham.  When Books Went To War, Molly Guptill Manning.

Another great exterior view of Carmichael's.  

Window display and a great place to sit outside when the weather is nice.  

Great in-store promotional idea.  

View looking toward the back of the store from the front entrance.  No doubt you customary readers recognize the celebrity marching her way into the store, my mom!  

A nice place in the front of the store to sit and try out a book.  

A few of the staff favorites.  

Some of the seasonal sidelines.  

A few more of the sidelines.  

Lots of magazines to pick from located at the rear of the store.  

A great selection of planners and journals.  

The children's section located in the rear of the store.  

View from the rear of the store looking toward the front entrance.  

This is THE rivalry in this part of the country.  

Assorted newspapers, local and national.  

If you visit the Crescent Hill location take time to visit with these fine booksellers.  Miranda B.,  on the left, and Kate on the right.  Thanks for a great visit!  

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