Sunday, May 4, 2014

Watchung Booksellers - Montclair, NJ

A great spring day in Montclair, NJ to visit Watchung Booksellers!

Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, NJ, is located in Watchung Plaza and this area has a very "hometown-ish" feel and look.  Tulips blooming in the plaza, several small businesses, including Sunrise Bagels (yes I was there; good wifi, great cinnamon roll, nada on the vanilla latte).  I would even describe it as a hometown-ish movie set-ish type feel.  And Watchung Booksellers fit in perfectly.

I didn't get to meet owner Margot on this visit but you can tell she and her fine staff have put in a lot of time to make this place look great, organized, and very neat.  This store is long and narrow and above the bookshelves are stenciled the names of authors running the length of the store.  Very cool and a great touch.  Near the front entrance you can find info for various book events hosted here.  Also, a great kids section in the back and that was also a lot of the business during my visit.

As with all my indie visits on this project, the staff here was super.  Lianne, Marisella, Jeanne, and Taylor were helpful, enthusiastic, and patient the whole time.  A special thanks to Taylor who gave me some great blogging advice.  If you've been a regular reader to this point you know I have issues.  It was great to see that they were busy with customers while I was there and also fielding many phone calls.  During my visit it gave the appearance of a vibrant and flourishing independent book store.  Kudos Watchung!

In addition to books you could pick up a few greeting cards and small miscellaneous items that would be of interest to kids.  You can also order books 24 hours a day on their website.  But don't order online, visit and buy in person.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir!

JUST FINISHED:  The Empathy Exams, Leslie Jamison.  Getting some traction in all the indies.  Book of essays, some I liked some I didn't.  2.5 stars.

CURRENTLY READING:  On The Come Up, Hannah Weyer.  Non-fiction.  I'm half way through it and it's a good one.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn.  Just released in paperback.  The Lincoln Conspiracy, Timothy L. O'Brien.

Author's names stenciled length-wise through the store.  A great touch!

Another great touch in the rear above the children's section.

These ladies were great!  Jeanne, Marisela, & Liane - SUPER staffers at Watchung!  Thanks ladies!  

The Watchung staff and yours truly.  

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