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The Muse Book Shop - Deland, Fl

If you're a first time reader and/or visitor to this blog I would suggest you go all the way back to the first post in February 2014 so you can read about my indie store project and mission.  Find out why I'm writing about independent bookstores.  You may proceed, governor.

Janet Bollum's business card says The Muse Book Shop is in the historic downtown district of Deland. This store fits that description of "historic."  Located in one of those historic buildings that when you walk inside, it smells old and the floors creaked.  Very cool.  Contains used and new books as well as vintage and collectible books.  Although, it doesn't seem to have as many new books as other indies I've visited.  Also has a small variety of antiques and miscellaneous.  And a live parrot in a cage behind the counter.  This is so indie!  It seems Janet and The Muse cater quite nicely to their community with one room of books devoted entirely to Florida subjects, interests, local authors, etc.  There really is something here for everyone.

With this tour of independent bookstores that I'm doing, when I show up at these places I run the risk of not getting to meet the owner if they happen to be gone.  Such was the case with Janet Bollum at The Muse.  The first day I went her brother Brian was there and said Janet was out of town and would not be in for a couple of days.  Thankfully, I wasn't leaving Florida immediately so I was fortunate to get to meet her on my 2nd try, three days later.

When I met Janet she was on the floor re-shelving misplaced books.  She was also baby-sitting her 8 month old granddaughter.  A true indie multi-tasker!  And even though every single indie I visit is unique compared to all others, they do have one thing in common; owners and managers who are great to talk to about books and authors.  I learn things with every visit and am finding as I continue along this project the people are as important as the bookstore.

You won't find a cafe or wifi in The Muse but there is a great coffee house around the corner, The Boston Coffeeshop, where they offered sit down service.  Did you hear me, people?  This is a coffeeshop with sit down, order, and be waited on service!  No ordering, standing, and waiting.  Sipped a great latte served by Nellie.  This place was 5 star all the way.

I was ably assisted on this visit by my fine staff Cheryl M. (degree in library sciences) and her husband Fran M. (tech support and advisement) whose talents and knowledge fill in all the gaps on the things I miss.  Spring break 2014 is more than parties and beaches.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir!

JUST FINISHED:  A Land Remembered, Patrick D. Smith.  Recommended to me by Janet at The Muse.  Historical fiction, Florida, 19th century, hard scrabble lives and survival.  Decent, 3 stars.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Lone Wolf, Jodi Picoult.  She has tons of stuff out there and I've never read any of it.  Highly recommended by reader Linda C. and my mom.  So far so good.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Empathy Exams, Leslie Jamison.  The Commandant of Lubizec, Patrick Hicks.  Naturally, they both look great.

Janet from The Muse in the Florida Room with her 8 month granddaughter.  A great multi-tasker!
The Muse Book Shop in Deland, FL

The Muse

Plaque on the building where The Muse is located.  If you're a history buff, there's lots here!  

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