Monday, July 9, 2018

Pressed - Erie, PA

Pressed, Erie, PA
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Wow!  That was what came out of my mouth when I opened the door (it was hot out, the AC was on, the "wow" was relief) (ok, no really, the store was breath-taking).  The resurgence of independent bookstores continues with this beautiful two-month old baby.  But this isn't your old-school indie housed in a historic building with an ornate tin ceiling, old wooden floors, and questionable plumbing.  I've seen many like that and love them all but this baby is truly new from head to toe; the space, fixtures, the books, and the owner.  This is an attractive space that you will want to spend time in.  As Tracey B., the owner told me, she wants customers to have an enjoyable shopping experience, even if they don't buy anything.  Mission accomplished, Tracey.

Tracey isn't the first lawyer turned bookstore owner I've met.  Julie did the same thing in Haddonfield, NJ at Inkwood Books.  Nothing but a love for books and a passion for a bookstore has put her in this position.  She's learning as she goes and it's a sequential process.  That chronology will soon include some kinds of events, bookclubs, a story time, and whatever other creative ideas she and her staff discover.  For now, the store is in place and my pictures won't do it justice.  Beautifully arranged and organized in every way.  All new books and a healthy volume of sidelines, many of which I would define as upper end.  The variety of purses and totes are selling very well as well as the dead philosophers club dolls.  The assortment of sidelines are outstanding.  There is a very large room devoted to children's books and sidelines.  The room includes a large tree hollowed out at the bottom to make a nice reading spot.  The cherry on the top is the cafe with a spacious seating area, all part of Tracey's business.  

There was a LOT of planning and design that went into this store and it shows.  Areas of the floor are tiled or wood, the lighting fixtures are beautiful throughout, and there's even a special touch in the bathrooms.  I'm sure I'm overlooking some of the other finer details.

Even though this store has only been around 2 months, Tracey and Becky, one of the staffers, are already pros when it comes to that bookstore kindness.  I had a terrific time talking to and meeting both of them.

Ok, citizens of Erie, step it up.  If you have't been here yet, check it out.  A gem of a bookstore has landed in your laps and you need to take advantage.  I'm pretty sure your first visit won't be your last.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Heavenly Table, Donald Ray Pollock.

The business has two store fronts with two entrances.  On the right is the entrance to the cafe which opens earlier than the bookstore.  The bookstore entrance is on the left.  


View looking into the store from the front entrance.  

View looking to the left from the front entrance.  

Neatly arranged table display of current topics.  

View looking into the beautiful cafe space from the bookstore.  

An overview of the cafe.  You can come here before the bookstore opens and enter from the outside entrance.  After the bookstore opens, there is a large opening on the inside between both businesses.  

A display that combines books and sidelines.  

Display of recent releases.  

Another table display combining books and sidelines.  Meticulous readers may recognize the celebrity running through the aisles.  Yes, that's my mom.    

A wide variety of sidelines are displayed throughout the store.  

A wonderful area to sit and sample a book.  

I think the store has some great gift ideas.  

I love the lighting fixtures along this wall of books.  

A few of the items of local interest.  

View of the store looking from the back toward the front entrance.  

I love the uniquely created signs for the genres, made by one of the staffers.  

A few of the notable purses and totes the store offers.  These are the kinds of things you seldom see elsewhere so if you see something you like, get it!

Sherlock Holmes is one of the dead philosophers.  

View looking into the children's section. 

Another view looking into the children's room.  

Check out this very cool hollowed out tree trunk with a place for kids to go inside and chill with a book.  

An overview of the children's room.  

Check out this wonderfully decorated men's bathroom, literary themed of course.  I can neither confirm nor deny any similar type of coolness in the women's bathroom.  

With Tracey, the fine owner of Pressed Books & Cafe.  Thanks for a great visit.

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