Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crawford Doyle Booksellers - New York, NY

Crawford Doyle Booksellers - New York, NY

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After today's visit to Crawford Doyle Booksellers, I fully realize that if I do this gig long enough I'll see everything.  I recognized one of the employees here and knew exactly when and where I met him.  On a previous visit to NYC I went to Shakespeare & Co. Booksellers on Lexington.  While there I met Chris and Ken, two great people to talk to on my visit.  Today in Crawford Doyle Booksellers, I saw Chris working at this bookstore.  What the?  Is this guy everywhere?  Is he some kind of super-hero bookseller?  What an incredible coincidence and even more unbelievable, he remembered me from my trip to Shakespeare.  It's kind of like always seeing Willie Mays in a Giants uniform but then all of a sudden you see him in a Mets uniform (sorry Mets fans, I just can't go there).  But I digress, the bottom line in this post is to understand a bit more about a great indie on the Upper Eastside.

I would've never found out about this place if it hadn't been for Nick at The Corner Bookstore, a few blocks north of this one.  It's always amazing to me how bookstores recommend to me other bookstores to visit.  This is a quaint, small bookstore with high shelves all the way around.  It's essentially a one-level bookstore, but there are books on a small upper level and in the basement.  The books in these areas belong to private individuals who rent the space to sell their books.  Sort of bookstores within a bookstore.  They have a great inventory in this indie and also have collectibles, vintage books, and 1st editions available for collectors or as gifts.  The business here is very good and has been under the current ownership for 19 years.  There's been some kind of bookstore here since the 1960s and previous to the current ownership it was Burlington Books.  Business is so good that they have little to no sidelines.  It also helps that they have great local support and are in a hight profile location on Madison Ave.

This bookstore is actually named for the owners, Crawford and Doyle.  The bad news is that I didn't get to meet them today but the great news was that I got to meet and visit with Tom, the manager, Anne-Marie, and Chris.  I knew Chris was great to talk to and Tom and Anne-Marie were as well.  I'm so lucky when I get to talk to staffers and like so many of my visits, the ones here couldn't have been nicer.

Anyone who's been in business for 19 years has some things figured out.  Crawford Doyle Booksellers and their staff have things figured out.  Put them on your list and pay them a visit.  You'll see exactly what I'm talking about.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  The Daughters Of Mars, Thomas Keneally.  It's long.  I'm almost there.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  10:04, Ben Lerner.

Great exterior picture of Crawford Doyle Booksellers on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan.  

View just inside the front door.  I love the look of this store and the high shelves all the way around.  

View inside the door looking to the right.  

Not many sidelines here but you can find some greeting cards.  

Sit here and read a book.  Or do your homework.  Or serve your time-out.  

The rear of the bookstore.  

Looking down on the main floor toward the front door.  

Anne-Marie and Thomas, two of the fine people here at Crawford Doyle.  

"People, places people, this is our photo shoot."

"Good grief this Indie Bob dude is driving us nuts!"

Ann-Marie on the left, Thomas, the manager, and yours truly.  Thanks for a great visit to a great indie!  


  1. Great profile of a great bookstore - Crawford-Doyle. Thanks!

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