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Book Court - Brooklyn, NY

Book Court - Brooklyn, NY

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Book Court is located in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn on, ironically, Court St.  This place has been here for 30 years and it shows.  Its organized, neat, and well maintained.  Business as usual here for that period of time is a great recipe for success

Independent bookstores located in this area are so fortunate since this is a literary hub.  Book Court takes advantage of this with author events held on almost a daily basis.  The day of my visit there was a children's author here, David Gothard.  Lots of kids and families here and they have a nice children's section to accommodate that part of their customer base.  The other advantage this indie has over so many others is its location.  Indies located in the NYC area have the good luck to be located in densely populated areas.  It wasn't always that way at Book Court but it sure is now.  There's even a Barnes & Noble just down the street which doesn't seem to faze business here.

I didn't get to meet Henry, the owner, on this day but I did get to meet Lauren, one of the managers, and visit with her.  She told me a little bit about the store and its history.  The business here is well supported and largely local.  They also get good business traffic from out-of-towners and tourists.  I think this store knows its customer base and caters well to them.  Books are able to provide most of the profit here as there are very few sidelines.  The store itself is an expansive, one-level store.  When you get into the main part of the store there is plenty of space to move around and browse.  This is also the area where they hold author events and it is large enough to accommodate big crowds on site.

If you haven't been to Brooklyn I strongly recommend a visit.  Lots to see and many diverse restaurants and shops.  Book Court is part of those diverse offerings and you won't want to pass up a chance to check out this wonderful independent bookstore.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

RECENTLY FINISHED:  The Daughters Of Mars, Thomas Keneally.  WWI epic (long).  Liked it, didn't love it.  Slow read but it is pretty good.  Two sisters from Australia serving as nurses.  Not a cheery read.

CURRENTLY READING:  Hyperbole and a Half, Allie Brosh.  Just started and it's hilarious.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  How Should A Person Be, Sheila Heti.

Book Court from across the street.

I would've gladly sat on these benches outside of Book Court if it hadn't been raining.  

View right inside the front door.  This is the "right" side of the store.  The larger area is to the left.  

View to the right upon entering the store.  

A few of the best sellers here at Book Court.  

This is the left side of the store and this is looking to the front of the building, the left, and the children's section.  

Some touristy sidelines.  

This is the "left" side of the store looking toward the rear.  Author events are held in the rear.  Very roomy.  

If there's a line at the checkout you can sit and wait here and get a start on your book.  

Author events held here.  

Looking from the rear of the store toward the front.  

A great display of staff picks.  

Some of the sidelines here at Book Court.  

Have a seat and sample a book.

One of the Book Court staffers on the left, Lauren, one of the managers in the center, and yours truly.  

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