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Yardstick Books & Gallery - Algoma, WI

Yardstick Books & Gallery, Algoma, WI
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I know that my many readers would never be as frivolous or risqué to carelessly gamble away preciously saved funds designated for bookstore visits.  BUT, if any of you did have an inclination to place a bet, AND you were looking for a sure thing, AND you could find someone offering a betting line on a bookstore, this is your sure thing.  You see, I have inside info on the owner of this beautiful new bookstore in the town of Algoma.  This bookstore visit was yet another new experience in my hundreds of visits (yes, I've been to that many).  The reason this indie is a sure thing is because I met this owner at a previous bookstore, The Raven, in Lawrence, KS.  She's taken her years of experience and success at that bookstore and is now putting her talent to work at this new bookstore as owner of Yardstick Books & Gallery.  If I could place a bet on Yardstick and its owner Heidi R., I'd bet the farm.

This indie is located on the doorstep of the well-known resort area of Door County.  Algoma is beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Michigan and does its own brisk business of summer tourism and will continue to see growth in this industry.  The bookstore is located on one of the main downtown streets that leads to the boat harbor and pier.  In a way, it has a bit of a small town New England-ish feel.  Winter months are challenging in this region which is why Heidi hopes to add a cafe presence in the space, something to keep customers visiting during the winters.  I think this is a great idea.  The store has already hosted several events including speakers and community centered events like the recent July 4th bicycle parade.  Yardstick offers all new books and a variety of sidelines including greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, and numerous journals.  All of this pairs nicely with some of the artwork available.


It was exactly three years ago to the month when I first met Heidi at The Raven.  A wonderful coincidence of my journey and I'm so glad that I got to meet her again and see her new store.  If she decides to open a 3rd bookstore somewhere, I'm there.  Congratulations to Heidi and Algoma on a wonderful new member of the independent bookstore community.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  The Haunted Bookshop, Christopher Morley.  A follow-up to Parnassus On Wheels and a tribute to second-hand bookstores and booksellers.  Set in Brooklyn immediately after WWI.  Mysterious disappearing and reappearing of a book leads to a conspiracy of people who are trying to commit mayhem in the name of Germany.  Also a good book to learn about popular titles of the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Booksellers might enjoy this one.  I liked Parnassus On Wheels better.    

CURRENTLY READING:  The Gods Of Gotham, Lyndsay Faye.  

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Bruno, Chief Of Police, Martin Walker.

Display window promoting the recent community centered activity, a great idea.  

When you see this sign, consider it your hint to enter the store.  

View looking into the store from the front entrance.  

A few of the sidelines available, found near the front of the store.  

Looking to the left from the front entrance.  

Table display of summer crime reads including some recommended picks.  

A few of the greeting cards offered.  Like many other bookstores, Yardstick offers unique or locally created greeting cards that are hard to find elsewhere.  

Display of books that are first in a series.  Not sure I've seen a display like this.  

Take time to enjoy the artwork displayed throughout the store.  

I thought this store had a true vibe of bookstore and art gallery.  These are some of the photos displayed near the rear of the store.  

Kids will love these.  

Have a seat and read to one of the little customers.  

A little kitchen for a little customer.  Charming!

Partial view of the children's section.  

Another angle of the children's section.  

View of the store from the back looking toward the front entrance.  

Featured children's books.  

Oh, could I get comfy on this with a book!

Display of items of local interest.  

Some challenging jigsaw puzzles available here.  

Assorted sidelines.  

After you buy your book, take a very short walk to the shore of Lake Michigan, plop yourself down, and start reading. 

With Heidi, the fine owner at Yardstick Books & Gallery.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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