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The Book Store - Medina, OH

The Book Store, Medina, OH
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I absolutely love hearing stories about bookstore spaces and their histories, their evolutions from previous businesses.  The building that The Book Store occupies dates back to the 1800s and it seems there is a ghost that visits here as well as some of the other downtown businesses.  It may help that there are old underground tunnels connecting many of these businesses in the downtown square area.  Apparently, this ghost, Daniel, is an occasional visitor at the bookstore.  As owner Melissa M. told me there have been some unexplainable happenings that she can only attribute to Daniel.  The most compelling episode was when she came to work one morning and noticed a Shel Silverstein book that had been dislodged from the shelf and found on the floor two feet away, face up.  Melissa and her husband checked the surveillance tape.  Mysteriously, there is an unexplainable 10 second gap between the book on the shelf and its position on the floor!  How did Daniel do that?

The Book Store has been in business for 5 years, 3 in its current location.  Its original location was in Berea, OH.  As Melissa told me, they're currently transitioning their business model to make their books more affordable and getting some great help from The Book Loft in Columbus who uses a similar model.  Their inventory is an even split, 50/50, between books and sidelines.  The great thing about this is 90% of those sidelines are created by local artisans.  Their variety of sidelines was excellent.  Of their book inventory, their offerings by local authors and of local interest was especially good.  One of the strengths of the store is its number of items offered on all things Harry Potter.  Probably as good as I've seen anywhere.  This place could double as headquarters for Harry Potter fandom.

My only disappointment here was not with the bookstore but the local schools.  Part of the buy local theory is to bring a town and community together and understand the importance to the community of small businesses.  Your online purchases don't pay taxes in the community.  Seems to me, the local schools should be first in line to support this movement.  If small businesses disappear, populations decline, and then schools make cuts and/or close.  Come on local schools, get with it and partner with this terrific bookstore.

You're going to love seeing this store and meeting Melissa.  If you're a Harry Potter fan you'll be over the moon.  And if you're a ghost hunter, be on the watch for Daniel.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

CURRENTLY READING:  The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander.  

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Not purchased but gifted, God Moves Me, Nicholette Tixier.  A local nurse and author who I had the pleasure of meeting on my visit and signed the book.  Thanks Melissa and thanks Nicholette.  

A beautiful store front.  

What are you waiting for?!

A great day to visit a bookstore, buy a book, and enjoy the weather and your book on an outdoor seat.  

View looking into the store from the front entrance.  

Beautiful view of the store looking to the right just inside the front entrance. 

View looking to the left from the front entrance.  The store has lots of Harry Potter themed items like the pillows on the top shelf.  

Yes, you'll need one of these.  

A portion of the books available of local and regional interest.  

For Harry Potter fans, this store is a must-see.  

Hey Medina, this is why you come to The Book Store.  

A cute little chair for a little reader.  

One of my favorite promotions, also seen in other independent bookstores.  

One of the "blind date" books.  Give it a try!

Great gift ideas.  

Wall of fiction highlighted nicely by locally crafted sidelines.  

Partial view of the children's section.  

A great seat for parent and child and a little reading. 

Another partial view of the children's section.  

Overview of the store looking from the back toward the front entrance.  

Locally created jewelry.  

A variety to choose from.  

Literary-themed candles like this one.  

They even have a Harry Potter run.  

An example of the unique sidelines found at independent bookstores. 

Always helps to maintain perspective!

With Melissa, the fine owner at The Book Store.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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