Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Community Bookstore - Brooklyn, NY

This is the indie where the seed was planted.  Until I met Ezra Goldstein, the co-owner of Community, the thought of blogging my indie bookstore tour might not have entered my head.  So Ezra, here I am a few months later embarking on the blogging part of my indie bookstore tour.

As I mentioned in an early post, ideally these entries would be chronological as visited.  Because I didn't get my butt in gear sooner they are being entered a little differently.  I visited Community in Brooklyn in the fall of 2013.  When I enter these bookstores I'm always looking for the owner(s) mentioned in their respective essays in My Bookstore.  There was a gentleman at the front desk here and I asked if he was Ezra.  He answered that he was.  Then I said that I came here seeking him (like the holy grail?!).  That's when he just looked at me like I was some kind of a nut.  Speechless.  And really looking as if searching his memory as to who exactly this stranger was asking for him.  Then I explained who I was and why I was there.  The ice was broken and from then on it was as if we were long lost friends.  He had as many questions as I did.  Are you blogging this indie bookstore tour of yours?  Do the editors know about this (Ronald Rice)?  Do the publishers know?  You need to blog this!  We need to send this out on twitter!  He was very excited and very welcoming about my visit.

The bookstore itself is great.  Very nice, medium sized, great inventory.  The day I was there it was rather chilly but it looked like they had an outdoor patio out back where people can sit and read if they like.  Ezra and the staff were outstanding once we got past the initial stalker phase of my visit.  Brooklyn has a great vibe for a literary community and Ezra himself is referred to as "the oracle of literary Brooklyn."  As with all my indie visits I always ask what they're reading and what they're favorite book is over the last few months.  Ezra recommended Someone, by Alice McDermott.  Also recommended by Kathleen at Prairie Lights.  Is it a page-turner?  Not really.  Hold my interest?  Absolutely.  The story of a woman's rather ordinary life and all that happened along her journey.

One more thing about Community.  They have a cat, Tiny.  I hate cats.  Tiny is a grump muffin.  Not a warm personality at all but he roams the store and does whatever he wants.  He even has his own twitter feed, for crying out loud.  But this is part of the coolness of an indie bookstore.  You're not going to see a cat roaming the aisles of a chain store!  Support an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir!

.@robertcmason's goal is to visit all of the bookstores in MY BOOKSTORE. Here he is posing with Ezra!
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  •  Here I am with Ezra on my visit.  Thanks Ezra!  This is when I first 
           made Twitter!
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    Community Bookstore

    Interior Community Bookstore

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