Thursday, February 13, 2014

Independent Bookstores!

The initial purpose of this blog is to share observations about independent bookstores and support them as they battle against the ever-increasing use of e-readers and online sites like Amazon.  It will however evolve also as a site for me to share some of the books I'm reading and offer informal book reports.  Yes, I'm pretending I'm back in middle school and offering book reports!  Expect things to refine as I go since this blogging thing is very new to me.

My primary goal is to visit every independent bookstore listed in the book, My Bookstore, edited by Ronald Rice, which is a great resource of indie bookstores.  There are 81 indies in this book and I've been to 11.  I have a ways to go.  There are many great indies across the country not listed in this book so I'm sure this space will evolve to include them as well.   The essays about these 81 indies are written by prominent authors who have a relationship to these stores.

This project and journey I'm on has no timeline, there is no deadline.  The journey will not be measured in weeks or months but possibly years.  I'm not a professional writer nor was I an English major in college.  I'm an amateur and I'm doing this for the fun of it and because I enjoy it.  I'll be doing this whether one is watching and following or whether many are watching and following.  If you decide to follow along I hope you enjoy it.

Questions about indies, books, or authors?  Suggestions about indies to visit?  Hit me up!  Follow me as I travel America in support of independent bookstores and their owners, one bookstore at a time, one book at a time.

Follow the evolution of this site if you're a book lover or an independent bookstore lover.  But you'll need to be patient!  Be gentle!  And be kind!  Bonsoir!

The journey has begun!  Where will I be next?  Coming to an independent bookstore near you soon!


  1. This is kind of like "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" -- you really get around!

  2. I have the same fear that every touring rock band has when they say, "Thank you Detroit," and then someone comes up and whispers in my ear that I'm in Cleveland. Thanks for following! Bob