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Jay & Mary's Book Center - Troy, OH

Jay & Mary's Book Center, Troy, OH
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How hip is this place?  It's so hip that I hear "Down By The Lazy River" by the Osmond Brothers playing on the sound system.  It's a little hard to browse when I'm bopping to the beat, but I'll deal with it.  Just another example of a great bookstore experience that can never be duplicated online.  

As the name of the store suggests, this really is a book center.  This is an expansive, one-level beautiful space.  It looks like new even though they've been in this location for just under 20 years.  The atmosphere and vibe here are outstanding.  What's equally impressive is that this bookstore is making a go of it in a community of approximately 25,000.  Readers, you know from some of my other visits how fantastic I think that is in a community this size when many towns twice this size have nothing.  Well done Jay and Mary.

This award-winning store offers a great selection of all new books and a variety of sidelines including calendars, journals, and greeting cards.  As co-owner Jay V. told me, the sidelines do pretty well and are an important part of the business.  There is a cut-out inside the store to Winan's Chocolates & Coffees, a beneficial arrangement for both businesses.  The store is conveniently located just off I75 which makes it an easy destination for travelers.  This makes a nice complement to the loyal regulars in their customer base.  

As this really is a book center, there also really are a Jay and Mary.  They are the husband/wife co-owners of this splendid indie.  I didn't get to meet Mary, but I'm so glad Jay was in and I got to meet him.  He, along with Susan, one of the booksellers, could not have been nicer.

Jay told me things are going ok here but I'm worried some of the people in Troy have forgotten about this place or are taking it for granted.  Are you kidding me?  Hey Troy, this place kicks a** so you have to shop local and buy local to keep it.  Buying from the internet won't support all your community organizations like a local small business does.  Make this indie a regular stop in your shopping routine.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  A Woman Of No Importance, Sonia Purnell.  Incredible true story of the American woman, Virginia Hall, who worked undercover for the British in France during WWII.  Her reluctance for recognition and acknowledgment has kept this story buried for decades but needs to come to light for the unbelievable difference one woman made during WWII.  She was constantly battling obstacles because of her gender but she had a determination to serve in the field as a leader of people that was undeniable.  If you're a history buff of WWII and don't know this story, this is a must read.  Recommended.  

CURRENTLY READING:  Parnassus On Wheels, Christopher Morley.  

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  The Given Day, Dennis Lehane.

The front doors are right under the clock.  After you buy your books, come back outside and have a seat on one of the benches and start your reading.  

The store has lots of window display space.  

If you're in Troy, here's your chance.  

Beautiful view looking into the store from the front entrance.  

Looking to the right from the front entrance.  

Nice display of popular books just as you step inside.  

Not many indies have a children's display in the front of the store.  This will grab the kids' attention.  

Bestsellers display right up front.  

Find out what the store booksellers and staff like.  

Even if you aren't a reader, you probably have a friend who is.  These are great gift ideas offered at most bookstores.  

Nice section of audio books.  

See if your favorite author has a new book coming-out.  

These are only a few of the variety of planners available.  

Lots of new fiction.  

An excellent variety of magazines.  

If you go directly to the left after entering the store, you'll come to this passage into Winan's Chocolates & Coffees.  

View looking into Winan's from the bookstore.  

Partial view of the children's section.  

Unique offering of Harry Potter books in a special case.  

A few of the greeting cards available.  

Some nice tote bags to help you with all the books you'll get.  

It's no surprise that this is a recognized award-winning store.   Way to go Jay & Mary!

A very well-stocked cooking section.  

Overview of the store looking from the back toward the front entrance.  

Need the cliff notes?  Here you go!

A good variety of journals.  

With Jay on the right, the fine co-owner at Jay & Mary's Book Center.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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