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Book Heads Book Store - Plymouth, WI

Book Heads Book Store, Plymouth, WI
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Hey Plymouth, what gives?  You have a wonderful downtown populated by mostly independently owned businesses.  Outwardly, they all look like wonderful businesses to patronize and support.  Take for example Book Heads Book Store.  A perfectly fine bookstore, well-curated, offering all new books along with some sidelines including a good assortment of greeting cards.  Best of all you get to meet the wonderful owner, Cara S. who is knowledgeable about nationally recognized books as well as those by local and regional authors.  Additionally, she'll offer excellent customer service and order books that she night not have in stock.  Why not shop local, buy local, reinvesting the money into the community and have an experience that you'll never have online at those national chain discount department stores?  I'll take a visit to Book Heads any day of the week over simply clicking the submit button. 

I love these characters!
Cara really packs it in her one-level store conveniently located in a very visible storefront on the main street through town.  The store has a good core of regulars that stretches back almost 20 years.  They also enjoy some business traffic from Lakeland University as well as some good tourist customers, especially during the summers.  They host events in various sites around town including restaurants and bars, great places for food, drink, and books.  Books for middle-schoolers and children are especially strong here and the children's section has its very own room inside the store.  I've had my eye on this store for awhile because I think they have a great name and I love the book head characters on the door.  

Cara is wonderful to meet (you're going to find this out when you visit) and couldn't have been more welcoming.  She's owned the business for 4 1/2 years but the store has been here for almost 20.  Cara's story doesn't match the national picture of bookstore resurgence but I'm hopeful that Plymouth and the surrounding communities will get behind this business to match the national trend of bookstore growth.  She also has great help from her son, Stephen, one of the factors in deciding to buy the store.  He's the computer and technology expert for Book Heads and has that talent that all indies need.  Thankfully, the store is hanging on.

And that's where you come in, Plymouth.  There are many towns larger than Plymouth who would die to have a Book Heads in their town.  Support your local independent businesses, including Book Heads, or risk losing something that you will regret if it's gone.  Once you visit this bookstore, you'll see exactly what I do, a great indie in the heartland.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:   A Meal In Winter, Hubert Mingarelli.  During the dark days of WWII, three German soldiers are sent into the frozen Polish countryside and are ordered to bring back any Jews for execution.  They find one but then stop in an abandoned house to find something to eat.  Their time there gives them pause to reflect on what they're doing.  A good, short book.  Recommended.   

CURRENTLY READING:  The Diary Of A Bookseller, Shaun Bythell.  

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Truck: A Love Story, Michael Perry.

Another exterior view.  Check out the weather.  When you get a day like this in February in the midwest, you go to a bookstore.  

I love this window display that looks like books stacked on the shelves.  It's actually a curtain.  

View looking into the store and to the left from the main entrance.  

A few of the sidelines located near the front entrance.  

Once inside the store, you'll walk to the left and then you can see the whole store, front to back.  

Sit here and enjoy the sun while you sample a book.  

A good assortment of sidelines.  

A terrific assortment of greeting cards available.  

You can find great quotes all throughout the store, on the shelves and on the walls.  

View looking into the children's room.  Outstanding creativity.  

Another partial view of the children's room.  

I can't recall visiting ANY bookstore that won't do this.  

The long wall of books.  

There must be somebody on your gift list that these would resonate with.  

Many bookstores offer locally created art and crafts.  

Display of local authors.  

A few of the books of local and regional interest.  

Overview of the store looking from the back toward the front entrance.  

With Cara, the fine owner at Book Heads Bookstore.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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