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Indy Reads Books - Indianapolis, IN

Indy Reads Books, Indianapolis, IN
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The majority of the bookstores I visit have a component of community outreach or involvement as part of their store's profile.  Indy Read Books takes this to a whole new level because this bookstore IS a social cause.  This bookstore is a designated non-profit (insert independent bookstore joke) and its existence is to help provide funds to support adult illiteracy in central Indiana.  A bookstore and a social cause wrapped up together as one in the downtown cultural arts district.  A win-win as I see it.

This is the only bookstore in downtown Indianapolis.  The one-level store is housed in a beautiful historic building and offers new and used books.  There are about 80% used and 20% new and you can find the new books on any of the table displays.  They only accept donated books for their used inventory which is a great way to keep overhead down and increase revenue for their social cause.  Indy Reads also offers music on vinyl, CDs, DVDs, and a few sidelines.  With the store's mission, sidelines are an expense that needs to be taken into consideration, not knowing how or if they'll sell.  The bookstore has been open for 5 years now and originated from the non-profit organization, Indy Reads, which has been active for 30 years.

The store enjoys a solid core of regulars and many out-of-town visitors who are downtown in Indianapolis and seeking a bookstore.  Like other indies, this store has many author events and signings and a great area to host these right in the store.  And although the store hasn't shown dramatic growth since opening, it has remained steady with some slight growth.  In my opinion, this place is poised to take off as more people find out about it and also thanks to a great location.

It's also poised to take-off due to the wonderful store manager, Meredith H., the only full-time employee.  There are 4 other part-timers and a cast of 30+ volunteers that keep this place neatly organized and ticking away.  I'm always appreciative of people like Meredith who take time to tell  me so much about the business, especially one with a cause.

So visit this great indie and do so without experiencing any buyer's remorse or guilt.  Everything you purchase is plowed back in to the community for a super cause.  In other words, come here and buy books, lots of books!  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  The Tragedy Of Brady Sims, Ernest J. Gaines.  Story of a man who murders his adult son in a courtroom just after the son has received a guilty verdict.  Lots of discussion ensues in the local barber shop among all the regulars.  A short book.  The author is known for, A Lesson In Dying.  I liked this book, didn't love it.

CURRENTLY READING:  Everyone Brave Is Forgiven, Chris Cleave.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  An Indy Reads t-shirt.

A closer exterior view.  

The store has lots of great window space.  

View looking straight into the store from the front entrance.  

Great view of the right side of the store from the front entrance.  

Looking toward the left from the front entrance.  

Now this is what I call a budget-buster section!

Halloween is on the way.  Here's your section.  

Used books that won't stay here long.  

Neatly arranged new book display table.  

A great place to sit and try a book.  

Or you can sit and try one here if the other chair is taken.  

I don't need anymore t-shirts or books.  Yes, I'll take one.  

Follow this sign to your favorite section.   

Fanta Graphics from the 80s.  Haven't seen these anywhere (but I'm sure they're out there).  

An assortment of music on vinyl.  

This is one large pillar of books.  The local woman who helped design this store's interior did a fantastic job.  

Help fight adult illiteracy in central Indiana.  

These seats are on a raised stage area where in-store events are held.  

Boy, you can do a lot of holiday shopping for kids at this price.  

When you need a break from book browsing have a seat here and a game of chess.  

This store has all the genres.  

View looking from the back of the store toward the front entrance.  

They really do have a nice staff picks section even though you can't tell it from this picture.  

Look for the yellow tags throughout the store for more staff picks.  

Floor to ceiling books.  I never get tired of a picture like this.  

Lots of music on CD.  

I second it. 
With Meredith, the fine store owner at Indy Reads Books.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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