Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rose's Bookhouse - O'Fallon, MO

Rose's Bookhouse, O'Fallon, MO
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I can't express adequately in these posts and in these few words what a joy it is to visit these many bookstores on my incredible journey across the country.  But the true fulfillment in each of these visits is the opportunity to engage and meet so many wonderful people along the way.  Such was the case for me within the first 10 minutes of my arrival at Rose's Bookhouse in O'Fallon, MO.  Dawn was the bookseller present on the day of my visit and what a fun conversation I had with her and another customer.  A 3-way chat about books, authors, and bookstores.  I know many of my readers visit bookstores BUT, if you have not engaged another customer or one of the booksellers, you're missing out on one of my favorite parts of a bookstore visit (you won't get this on Amazon).  So I'm pretty sure when you visit this indie, you're going to have a great experience.

Rose's has been around for 37 years and is now in its 3rd ownership with Wendy D. who has owned the business for 16 years.  This store fits the cliche, "don't judge a book by its cover," perfectly.  From the outside it looks small and unassuming.  After you enter, you're hit with a very long, one-level store that has over one million new and used books.  The majority of the books are used and at least 1/3 of the inventory is dedicated to romance; including 5 sub-genres of romance categories.  Many used bookstores don't even offer romances but it is definitely a strength at Rose's.  They even offer a very full stock of Harlequin romances going back up to 10 years, a rarity in bookstores.  But don't worry if you're not a romance fan.  I found lots of great books in many genres, including children's.  

I didn't meet Wendy on the day of my visit, but I had a great time talking to Dawn who told me a lot about the store and was wonderful to talk to.  She really knows her stuff and if you like reading fantasies, you absolutely must talk to her.  The store has occasional author signings, held right on-site.  Aside from some unique bookmarks, there are no sidelines here but as with all indies, they're always keeping their options open down the road.  Wendy is also offering more great sales all the time including dollar books, bags of books, and 3-fers.  In other words, prices will not be a reason to leave empty-handed.  They have a great partnership with a local school and I wish more schools would respond when independent bookstores reach out.

If you're in the O'Fallon/St. Louis area and enjoy bookstores, this is a place you need to check out.  And if you're a romance reader and don't know about this place, where have you been?!  Put this store on your "to-do" list, take a friend, and enjoy a visit to a long-running indie with terrific people.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.  

CURRENTLY READING:  The Fever, Megan Abbott.  

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Good Omens, Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett.  

A beautiful day to visit a bookstore.  

View looking straight through the store from the front entrance.  

Another view looking into the store from the front entrance.   

Miss Rosie stays in her bookstore all the time so she knows the perfect place to catch the sun.  

Some of the unique bookmarks available in the front of the store.  

Lots of great stuff on this front table display.  

One of the long rows of bookshelves, always one of my favorite pictures.  Follow this aisle to the Harlequin romances.    

At a price like this, you can buy several!

And here they are!  Find this display.  

Diana Gabaldon fans will find a complete series.  

J.D. Robb fans will also be pleased.  

A great place to test drive a book.  

View looking from the back of the store toward the front entrance.  

You can still support this and many other indies with your ebook purchase.  

If you're a fan of Harlequin romances, you simply cannot afford to miss this bookstore and this section.  

Miss Rosie will be waiting to check you out at the front counter.  

...because a cat just can't work all the time!

With Dawn on the right, one of the fine booksellers at Rose's Bookshop.  Thanks for a great visit.   


  1. I have been going to Rose's for years. Glad you like it as much as I do. I now live in Pacific, Missouri and still drive to get books from Rose's

    1. Thanks for the comment and keep visiting Rose's! Bob