Thursday, November 10, 2016

Daybreak Press & Global Bookshop - Minneapolis, MN

Daybreak Press & Global Bookshop, Minneapolis, MN
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Social justice, faith, and feminism.  Many independent bookstores across the country embrace social causes within their communities.  Daybreak Press & Global Bookshop takes their social advocacy seriously and takes it to a whole new level.  This is the kind of bookstore that's trying to make a difference and so many more people need to know about it.  This store is a gathering place for the community and for people of all stripes.  A place where all are welcome to come and enjoy the spirit of exchanged ideas and rational discourse.  I wish I could make a commandment requiring all people (and especially Americans) to visit this store and begin an understanding of social justice, faith, and feminism through the books you'll find in this independent bookstore.

This is not your typical indie but it shares many of the characteristics of your usual independent bookstore and many of the same challenges.  This store opened in 2014 and is already in its 2nd location on the University of Minnesota campus.  It was a good move and in just less than a year at the new location, is already able to sustain.  The store enjoys good traffic from the university community and the university hospital.  Daybreak offers all new books but few are recent releases or bestsellers.  Most of the inventory is dedicated to the store's mission and theme.  This is also true of some of the sidelines, offering unique and locally made soy candles, for example.  Greeting cards and planners are standard in just about every indie and those are here too.  I especially like that people are able to register to vote here, something that I haven't noticed at other indies.  This is a big deal on a college campus and I'm glad Daybreak offers this.  

I was disappointed that I didn't get to meet the owner, Anse Tamara Gray, during my visit.  But I did meet the day manager, Leslie A., and had a terrific visit with her.  Both of these ladies have spent extensive time in the mideast and we can learn so much from them and their bookstore.  Ms. Gray also offers a publishing service, especially for female writers and emerging writers.  What a great way to continue and engage voices of advocacy for positive thought.

When you visit here, public transportation will get you within a block or a parking garage is around the corner on SE Oak.  Or if you're a student at the university, it's an easy walk.  But you shouldn't walk, you should run to this indie and enjoy the many books offered that will enlighten your understanding of contemporary issues.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  As-salamu alaykum. 

CURRENTLY READING:  The Lighthouse Road, Peter Geye.

View looking into the store from the front entrance.  

View looking to the right from the front entrance.  

A great place to sit in the front of the store.  

The long row of bookshelves on the left wall.  

A few of the greeting cards available.  

A great place to gather near the rear of the store.  

Another nice group gathering area, toward the rear.  

A great section of Islam offerings.  

View looking from the back of the store toward the front entrance.  

A few of the sidelines available.  

I love these bookstore magnets you see in some indies.  

The kinds of candles you can only find in an independent bookstore.  

This bookstore offered voter registration applications.  

Read.  And learn.  

With Leslie on the right, the fine day manager at Daybreak.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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