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Northshire Bookstore - Manchester, VT

Northshire Bookstore - Manchester, VT

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Whatever I share with you in this brief essay won't even begin to cover all the wonderful things about Northshire Bookstore.  Every indie I visit is truly a gift I enjoy on my journey of bookstores; all are special, unique, and in my opinion, almost sacred places.  There are a handful that are simply overwhelming in a very complimentary way.  Northshire falls into that category.  This place is overwhelming in every category you can imagine for an independent bookstore.  Everything from its attractive outside landscaping of various flowers and plants to the quantity and variety of sidelines and a phenomenal children's department on a floor all to itself.  One of the staffers told me what I already knew after 5 minutes in the store.  This place is a destination, no ifs ands or buts about it.  If you're even remotely close to Manchester, VT you are REQUIRED to come here.

Northshire Bookstore will be celebrating 40 years of business this September.  It is the definition of independent and locally owned, founded by current owner Chris M.'s parents, Barbara and Ed.  You'll find new and used books here in a multi-level, large house-like structure located in downtown Manchester.  Naturally, I love the books here but if your friend or family member isn't a book person, bring them to the store with you.  You can find everything from Vermont maple syrup to a turntable for the vinyl music you're going to buy.  Looking for gifts?  The options are endless.  Holiday shopping would be a cinch here.  The store and author events are continually happening.  There is a wonderful cafe in the store with a very spacious dining area.  The children's floor has a large area where kids have access to toys and can play all they want.  Heck, this bookstore even has a loading dock.

But I know the secret here.  A staff that is 2nd to none.  I can tell that customer service and friendliness are valued to the utmost.  People like Courtney, Teresa, Debbie and others are so nice you'll forget why you came into the store.  This is because they've all had a great example set by Chris and his parents.  A great bookstore with great people.  You simply cannot miss out on seeing this store.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  "I Heard You Paint Houses," Charles Brandt.  True crime.  Biography of Frank Sheeran and his rise in organized crime beginning in the 50s through the following decades.  His ascent to become Jimmy Hoffa's right hand man and the definitive answer to Hoffa's disappearance.  Fascinating story even though it was a little tough to keep track of all the names and who was on which side.  Also some revealing ties with the Kennedys.  Soon to be movie.  Recommended.  

CURRENTLY READING:  Soft In The Head, Marie-Sabine Roger.    

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Underground In Berlin, Marie Jalowicz Simon.  Things I Could Actually Get Passed In Congress, Bernie Sanders.

Another exterior view.  The landscaping around the store was beautiful.  

The entrance begins onto the porch, underneath the sign.  

Not even into the store yet and you can shop on the porch on your way to the entrance.  

If you're on a budget, find this display.  

Right inside the entrance you'll find a few collectible editions.  

View looking through the store after entering.  This doesn't even begin to show the multiple rooms on this level.  

If you're a tourist, pick up a postcard and tell your friends back home to visit here!  

An active events schedule with the respective books displayed.  

Lots of magazines near the front entrance.  

There are fantastic book displays throughout the store.  I was so excited I blurred the picture.  

You'll find staff picks all over the store.  

Sidelines here are numerous.  

Another great book display.  

View looking across one of the rooms with lots of sidelines.  

LOTS of cool stuff here.  

Independent bookstores have the most unique sidelines.  When you see guitar-shaped pizza cutters, I advise you to buy.  You'll look long and hard before you find these elsewhere.  

A great place to sit and try out a book.  

If you know someone who is a Dr. Who fan AND enjoys playing Yahtzee, this is a no-brainer.  

The topic of sustainability is an important issue throughout Vermont.  Northshire has a great section for this.  

The store offers new and used books.  This is just a portion of the used book section, on the main level.  

By all means, proceed to another level.  

This level has more books and lots of sidelines.  Go to the right to enter the cafe.  Go up the stairs underneath the Hogwarts sign and you'll be on the children's floor.  

Lots of options in the cafe.  

Yes please!

A spacious seating area for your coffee, pastry, and book.  

Another great book display.  

I've seen Baggalini offered in a few indies and it seems to sell well.  

Lots of greeting cards and other related items.  

You can't find listening stations in many stores anymore. 

Here's that turntable for your vinyl.  

Hey, here's a holiday gift idea.  

There are numerous items here that women will enjoy shopping for.  

Upstairs to the children's section.  

An overview of the children's section.  

Kids are going to love this place.  

If your child needs a little play time, they can hang out here and enjoy the provided toys.  

If you live near Manchester you should be all over this.  

With current owner Chris on the left and founding co-owner, his mother Barbara, on the right.  Thanks for a great visit. 

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  1. Great store and gathering place plus a great book family. i sold Barbara and Ed when store started across the street when they bought together in the basement. fun times.