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The Dock Bookshop - Ft. Worth, TX

The Dock Bookshop - Ft. Worth, TX
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I've always said that independent bookstores come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  The Dock Bookshop lives up to the unique spirit of indies as a family-owned, African-American owned independent bookstore.  Their strength here is with historical and cultural works by African-American authors.  And my experience here was the same as most other indies I visit.  A great bookstore visit and a wonderful time with the people I met there.

One of the first things I noticed when entering was how great this place smelled.  In addition to books, The Dock offers many sideline items including incense, oils, and soaps to name just a few and this really gives the store a great scent.  Additional sidelines include vinyl, CDs and DVDs, jewelry, greeting cards, clothing, and t-shirts, all aimed at a strong local customer base and the African-Amercan community.

I really enjoy seeing the variety of books in the indies I visit, books that are unique to the stores that carry them.  I see different books in different stores and that was true at The Dock.  No, you won't find James Patterson or John Grisham here but you will find some terrific African-American authors like Omar Tyree, Carter Godwin Woodson, and Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.  If you're not familiar with any of these authors I strongly encourage you to check them out.  And if you really want that John Grisham book, they'll be able to order it for you.  In addition to the new books, The Dock also offers used books.  These books are all donated, a great thing for indies who can acquire their used books in this manner.

The store is located in a plaza area long with a few other businesses.  These is plenty of parking available, all free.  There is a great events space in the back of the store which allows them to maintain an active schedule of events.

But the best part of all was meeting Donna C., who owns the store along with her sister Donya and their mother.  She was terrific to talk to and tell me so much about the store.  They've been here for 7 years which is a great sign of success for any indie.  The challenges are similar to all independent bookstores but Donna is optimistic about the future and after meeting her I agree.

I know many of you enjoy visiting Texas and now I've given you a destination.  Check out The Dock Bookshop in Ft. Worth and enjoy the fine people you will meet there and the books they offer that will be hard to find anywhere else.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, Raymond Carver.  A collection of short stories by an award-winning author.  They were good, but too short!

CURRENTLY READING:  Wolf Hall, Hilary Mantel.  Not sure I'm going to make it.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  Not purchased but gifted, The Mis-Education Of The Negro, Carter Godwin Woodson.  Thanks Donna!

View looking straight into the store from the front entrance.  Alert readers might recognize the elusive celebrity in the right foreground.  Yes, that's my mom.  

View looking to the right of the store from the front entrance.  

Some of the unique sidelines available near the front entrance.  

More sidelines including jewelry.  To the left of this display is where you'll find an assortment of used books.  

One of the book displays in the store.  

If you want something other than a t-shirt, you can find it here.  

More options besides t-shrits.  

An assortment of children's books.  

A few of the greeting cards available.  

You can find t-shirts on both sides of the store.  

View from the back of the store looking toward the front entrance.  This area in the foreground is the events space.  

Find your CDs and DVDs here.  

Music lovers are going to love the assortment of vinyl available here.  

This store smells great and this is why!

A nice display of Omar Tyree's latest.  

With Donna, one of the co-owners at The Dock.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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