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Kepler's Books - Menlo Park, CA

Kepler's Books - Menlo Park, CA
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Readers, the next time you need an energy boost or a pick-me-up, I've got your solution.  It's organic, holistic, and healthy.  No Red Bull, no caffeine.  All you have to do is walk into Kepler's Books in Menlo Park and get a high octane dose of some of their booksellers, Marilyn, Sina, Kirsten, Caitlin, and Amanda, the store manager.  I felt welcomed like a long lost Kepler's customer from the 60s.  After 5 minutes of visiting with these fine staffers I was fired up.  I was ready to high five, run through a tunnel of books, and start yelling out quotes to classics.  I've said many times how wonderful  booksellers are and it's no different here.  Praveen M., the CEO, and Amanda H., the store manager, have surrounded themselves with a great group of people and you'll have a terrific time at this indie.

Kepler's is an award-winning indie with a storied (get it?  STORIED?! yeah, just humor me) history.  You can easily read more about it online.  The store has been around for 60 years and has been in its current location since the 80s.  I think this is a great location on the very busy El Camino Real and easily accessible by foot traffic.  The store has an extremely strong and loyal local customer base as well as business from many tourists.  Kepler's is very tight with the local schools and is able to offer book fairs as well as bringing authors right to the schools.  They also host author events in-store where they can accommodate up to 300 people.  For larger events, they are able to use the nearby Fox Theater.  The store itself is bright, well-organzied, and vibrant.  It was quite busy on the week day morning of my visit, a good sign at any indie.  Free public parking is available nearby and there is a nice café next to the bookstore.  A positive arrangement for both businesses.

I had a great talk with Praveen and the booksellers I met while I was here.  He stated that he thinks Kepler's may evolve into a non-profit institution as things continue to change in the industry.  Whatever happens, this place is in good hands.  And if Praveen ever needs advice, all he has to do is ask his wife Christin, who is the owner of The Booksmith in San Francisco.

Menlo Park is very close to the sights and attractions of San Francisco.  Since many of you will vacation here someday, take a short trip south.  You're going to find a wonderful, well-stocked bookstore, and a very friendly staff that you will want to come back and visit often.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED;  Truth Be Told, Hank Phillippi Ryan.  Crime/mystery fiction.  A mortgage scam in Boston with people making money under the table.  Some romance as well and some murders.  Some people will love this book.  It was just ok for me.

CURRENTLY READING:  My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante.

RECENTLY PURCHASED:  My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry, Fredrik Backman.  This author also wrote, A Man Called Ove, which I really enjoyed.

View just outside the front entrance.  

This indie keeps a busy events schedule.  

A very nice café located next to Kepler's.  Stop in here after you pick up your books!  

Looking to the right of the store after entering.  Persnickety readers may recognize the celebrity in the orange shirt.  Fran M. is the manager of the tech support team for The Indie Bob Spot.  

Another view from the front entrance.  

The majority of the store is off to the right of this view from the front entrance.  

A nice display of staff favorites.  

Some of the boxed sets of greeting cards you'll find here.  

Get a greeting card to go with that book you're getting.  

A few of the magazines available here.  

Book-themed t-shirts.  

You can pick up an audio book to listen to on your long drive to the next bookstore.  

A portion of the nice events center in the store.  

Looking back toward the front of the store.  

With Praveen M., the fine CEO of Kepler's Books.  Thanks for a great visit.  

Books students need to read are available here.  

Get your book club books here.  

Kids will love this section.  

If you see any of these faces when you visit Kepler's, your day just improved.  Can't say enough about these ladies.  Thanks for a wonderful visit.  L-R , Sina, Marilyn, Kirsten, Caitlin, Amanda, and yours truly.  

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