Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Green Apple Books - San Francisco, CA

Green Apple Books - San Francisco, CA
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There is a LOT to see when you visit Green Apple Books in San Francisco.  Two levels of new and used books and sidelines shelved in multiple rooms, nooks, and crannies.  And if you don't find anything here (but you will), go ahead and visit the Green Apple Annex next door for even more choices.  Your options here are limitless and this indie is uniquely San Francisco.

How's this for a unique oddity?!
Kevin R., one of the owners here, told me this store probably wouldn't be successful if it were transplanted into another community.  I think he's probably right.  As with all indies, this one has things unique to its area.  Other indies could order a cannabis cupcake cookbook but you'll actually find one here.  Thanks to this uniqueness and renown as an indie for almost 50 years, the store attracts tourists as well as many from around the bay area who visit this bookstore as a destination.  There are multiple aisles and levels to peruse.  You'll hear the creak of the wooden floors and stairs as you look around which lend it that characteristic bookstore atmosphere.  The store was particularly busy on the Monday morning of my visit and it took me awhile to meet Kevin, but these are all good signs for business.  The sidelines here include greeting cards, socks, t-shirts, games, puzzles, and many unique oddities only found in independent bookstores.  The book inventory is vast and they have many strengths in many genres.  Cookbooks and art seem to be especially strong.  You can also find vintage and collectables here.

On this busy day, Kevin was extremely gracious to take time to visit with me, as were a few of the approximately 25 staffers that are employed here.  Kevin stated that he thinks the ereader phase has leveled off and should not grow measureably as readers are either in one camp or the other by this point. I conclude from this what others have shared with me which is the local and neighborhood bookstore may be in a resurgence.  This store offers author events for smaller crowds up on their 2nd floor.  Larger event crowds are accommodated at their nearby new store, less than a year old.

I think Kevin has some great bookstore advice for customers.  I don't know if I can quote him exactly but it was something like, "Put on your pants and get out of the house."  Indeed.  At Green Apple Books, you're going to find lots of books fresh for the picking.  Don't miss out.  Go to an indie and buy a book.  Bonsoir.

JUST FINISHED:  Station Eleven, Emily St. John Mandel.  Not what I typically read.  Pandemic wipes out most of earth's population but a few survivors remain and roam the country putting on plays and concerts for the other few survivors.  Imagine everything you take for granted today and throw it all away.  This one will stay with you after you finish it and you'll take extra notice the next time you get a cough (cue the ominous music).

CURRENTLY READING:  The Borrower, Rebecca Makkai.

Entry way display.  

This is the Green Apple Annex, next door.  

Start the shopping before you even enter the store.  

Outside greeter.  

Looking into the store from the front entrance.  

All the new books waiting for a home.  A great sign at any indie.  

Ereader options available.  

Follow this sign to the huge upstairs level.  

Staff favorites display. 

A few of the sidelines.  

Collectors will want to visit this store.  

And who couldn't use a giant pencil?!  Only at an indie!

A portion of the children's section.  

View from the back of the store looking toward the front.  

HIghly recommended display.  

Oh God, please help my sentence structure!  

More sidelines.  

One of the sections upstairs.  The 2nd level is packed.  

A partial view of the 2nd level.  It is MUCH more than this.  

A great offer.  

Books sculpted in the shape of an 'e'.  E books.  

Ok, so it's almost next door.  

With Kevin on the right, one of the fine owners at Green Apple Books.  Thanks for a great visit.  

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